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The Big Six

What Are The Big Six?

The Big Six are the parenting issues that historically have come up most often on unschooling e-lists, groups, and discussion boards. Most folks trying to understand the parenting aspects of unschooling will be concerned by at least one; some by several. If you are worried about any of these areas, know that you are not alone.

In no particular order The Big Six are:

  • Sleep (“what, no bedtimes?!”)
  • Chores (especially tied to consequences)
  • Food (“but I want them to be healthy”)
  • Television
  • Electronic Gaming (yes, this is different from TV concerns)
  • Personal Hygiene/Appearance/Self Care

The Big Six Panel Discussion is designed primarily for newer unschoolers, to address these most basic issues. The Panelists have been unschooling for many years, repeatedly reassuring new unschoolers about these very fears. In the course of answering questions and discussing typical concerns, we will show how these issues are generally approached, based on our real living experiences with our own long-time unschooled children. Ultimately how you come to handle these basic issues becomes the foundation of your whole unschooling life. They are paths to understanding the tentpoles of unschooling – Trust, Partnership, Living By Principles, and creating an enriched environment where natural learning can flourish. Moderators TBA. 


Unschooling Grief Circle Chat

The Unschooling Grief chat is a discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session. Grief can come from many things, and while grief from death may be the main or leading subject, it is not limited, at all to death of a person. A death of a relationship, of an idea, of one’s health or the health of loved ones – loss – can produce grief also, and all forms are welcome. Nothing is demanded or asked from anyone, other than to be respectful of another’s experiences. This is a confidential chat, please respect the privacy of those that share and keep what happens in Unschooling Grief, in Unschooling Grief. Moderated by Karen Pielke Santos.




More Panels & Discussions will be added soon.