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2015 Funshops

Friday Family Fun Night! A night of Funshops

Ultimate Werewolf led by Renita Keatley
Active Games led by Renee Cabatic & Benji B’Shalom
Mixer Games led by Claudia Scholtz
Arts and Crafts, make flower crowns with Robyn Coburn & Berry Robertson
Awesome 80’s Dance Party hosted by Colleen Paeff
Sing Along with Carolyn Winkler
Toddler Room story time hosted by Tasha Robertson

Color Theory Dropper Funshop

Come explore how to mix primary colors into secondary and then full spectrum color wheel. We will be exploring beginning color theory in this unique funshop. Using our special class droppers and watercolor paint “Ready Friendly”. Recommended for mature 6 years – teen. This funshop is messy so please dress in art clothes that can get messy. Hosted by Spramani Elaun of Nature of Art for Kids.

Music & Movement

Come bop around to music with your little one. We’ll have some scarves and ribbons and a parachute to play with. Jump right in! Hosted by Jenny Cyphers.

The Basics of Lego Animation

The aim of this funshop is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to make your own Brickfilm. Included topics are: set design, lighting, exploring software and hardware, tips and tricks, special effects and editing. Since this will be a more technical funshop, I’d suggest an age of around ten and up, but anyone is welcome to attend. Hosted by Aidan Munoz.

Pokemon Theme Song Sing-a-long

Learn the original Pokemon Theme Song with your fellow Pokemon fans to sing at the Talent Show! Bring your plushies or costumes, if you want! Hosted by Senna Bentley.

Wild Pokemon!

Wild Pokemon! is a funshop for people who love Pokemon. We’ll combine trading/playing Pokemon TCG, DS/3DS gaming, Pokemon ‘collages’* and pretending to be Pokemon.

*We’ll supply card stock pages, glue and Pokemon image print outs for people to make a Pokemon collage. Bring any box or paper package art you’d like to share or add to your own collages. Hosted by Scott Foster.

Hawaiian Lei Making

Make a pretty yarn lei to wear around your neck or give to someone special.

Hula dancers don’t always have fresh flowers to string a lei, so we make them from yarn to approximate the color or texture of the flowers we want. Sometimes, we make them for fun and sometimes for specific dances. Some are made from regular yarn, others from fun fur or eyelash yarn. We make them for our necks, our heads, and our wrists and ankles. We give them as gifts, as well (always with a kiss!).

At the funshop, there will be some color and yarn choices. If you have special yarn you’d like to make into a lei, bring it with you (at least 50 gm ball). We’ll be making a lei a’i (for the neck). You will have instructions to take with you, including directions for the head (lei po’o) and wrists (kupe’e) if you want to make more at home. Hosted by Robin ‘Ehulani Bentley.

Show Me How to do the Hula!

Want to know some graceful steps and the storytelling hands of Hawai’i’s dance? You’ll learn basic hula movements, some Hawaiian words and their meanings, and an easy choreography (you can perform it at the talent show on Saturday night, if you wish).

Traditionally, women and girls wear skirts or dresses; if you have a pareo/sarong, that will do. Men and boys wear pants or shorts (or a traditional malo, the Hawaiian loincloth). However, don’t let stereotypical gender roles stop you from wearing whatever you wish! Just be comfortable and able to move easily.

If you play ‘ukulele, feel free to bring your instrument to learn the mele (song). Chords and lyrics will be provided. Hosted by Robin ‘Ehulani Bentley.

Songwriting For All

Teaching you how to put lyrics to music in a fun and interactive environment. Hosted by Richard McCloud.

Yoga with Heidi

Conferences are high energy, full-of-activity events. We always have so much fun and make some great connections but we often forget to pause and self-care. This class is designed to bring you back to a grounded center so that you can enjoy the rest of the conference with renewed energy. This class will be a beginning/gentle class, designed for all levels. Even if you have never tried yoga before you will love this class!! Bring your own mat if you have one. Heidi will have 8 -10 extras on hand. Hosted by Heidi Snavley.

Donate Food for Animals!

Last year, our family became a foster family for kittens and cats for our local no-kill shelter. This year, we’ll do it again, it’s an amazing experience, but we’d like to add something more!

We’re leaning into famous generosity of our much beloved unschooling community to ask that anybody who can, please bring donation(s) for animals that will be presented directly to the Humane Society of Southwest Washington (HSSW, our local no-kill animal shelter), in the name of Unschoolers from LIFE is Good Conference 2015.

And when you donate, come sign our giant card! We’ll have crayons and pens and pencils, or bring your favorite art supplies. You can also bring in pictures of your animals and staple them to the card next to your name. If you really want to go all out, draw a picture of your animal on the card!

The donations we’re looking for are bags (as big as possible) of dry food (cat and/or dog), cans of wet food, toys and bedding to help the amazing animals (and people) at the HSSW. We will collect it all and see how much the food weighs in total and then present it and the giant card after the conference to the HSSW.

Read up on HSSW here:

We love them for all they do, and hope our unschooling community will come together and shine their light – help us contribute to HSSW’s magnificent efforts in this local community and many others — let’s make them wonder “who are these unschoolers who donated all this food anyway?” Hosted by Mim & Owen Mason.

Peace Crane Funshop

Fold an origami crane, and write or draw a message of peace on it. Share your peace crane with friends or add it to the box of peace cranes that will be sent to the to the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima, Japan after the conference.

Story of the Peace Crane:

Hosted by Bean Paulson.

Pokemon Single Battle Tournament!

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? :-) Bring your Nintendo 3DS, and at least one of the following games: Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Alpha Sapphire, or Omega Ruby. You’ll battle your fellow trainers for a chance to compete against The Elite Four! To level the playing field for most competitors, the following Pokemon and moves will be banned from play:

Mega Kangaskhan
Mega Rayquayza
Primal Groudon
Primal Kyogre
Mega Mewtwo X & Y

Dark Void

If you don’t wish to compete, feel free to come and watch, so you can cheer on your friends. Hosted by: Senna Bentley.


GOOD MORNING! Let’s Run! On Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:00 in the conference lobby join me for a quick warm up followed by a 3 mile run, from the Hilton towards and along the mighty Columbia River. I’ve been hosting this fun shop for years at LIFE is Good, and regardless of how tricky it can be to get up that early after an entertaining evening that may have gone on and on till the wee hours, everything always feels better after a morning run or walk! If you’d rather walk than run, grab a friend, meet us in the morning, and take a beautiful walk along the river together! Depending on interest I can throw in some interval training ideas for those of you who would like to learn tips on how to quicken your run pace. Often it becomes a “Getting to Know You” Chat/Run/Walk! Sometimes it’s an unschooling philosophy while running run! It’s always a surprise how it turns out, but it’s always a great way to get the day started! We finish sometimes grabbing a coffee at a local coffee shop, so bring a few dollars in your pocket, just in case! Hosted by Shonna Morgan.

Littlest Pet Shop Meetup

Let’s get together with our Littlest Pet Shop toys. We can role play, trade, and talk about our favorite breeds, eras, YouTube channels, and all things LPS! Hazel has lots of LPS to share, so if you don’t have any or didn’t bring yours, you’re still welcome to join in! Hosted by Hazel Sellers.

Meet and Greet for Newbies

We will help everyone attending the conference for the first time understand the flow of the conference, maneuvering logistics, tips on getting your needs met and answer any questions you might have about how to make the conference work for you and your family. Or if you’re not a newbie, come share your favorite conference tips. Hosted by Kristin Lake.

Mom & Dad Makeovers at the LIFE is Good Salon

Bring your parents to the LIFE is Good Salon for a makeover! Let their faces be your palette. This is your opportunity to transform their look with makeup and a new hairstyle. What would your dad look like with blue eyeshadow and rosy cheeks? How about your mom in in up-do with shiny red lips? How they look is up to YOU! We’ll bring gobs of cosmetics and hair accessories so you can discover your inner stylist. Hosted by Becky & Mary Bella Betts.

Icebreakers for Introverts

Want to meet people but don’t know what to say? Let’s play games like “Would You Rather?” and “Who Am I?” for fun and possible conversation starters. Participant suggested categories welcomed. Hosted by Mai Lon Ross.

Ultimate, Banana, Everyone Is It Tag

All different names for same funshop! Everyone is it tag and don’t get tagged. Hosted by Joel Berrelleza.

Fairy Flower Crowns

Come and make your own flexible flower crown or Forest King leafy headdress, made from faux flower & silk leaves, and custom sized with ribbon ties. A whole bouquet or a single bloom – in any color you like – there is no wrong choice for a flower crown. Everyone looks beautiful with a flower crown. Little fingers will need big person help braiding and wrapping. Hosted by Robyn Coburn & Berry Robertson.

Nitrogen Ice Cream

Everyone loves the moment when the liquid nitrogen pours and the clouds of white rise – then out of the cool mist comes delicious, light ice creams and sorbets made on the spot with our fresh ingredients. This has become a conference tradition since I first started facilitating this at the Boston Live and Learn. Held on the closing picnic, it works best when people bring a wide selection of ingredients for their favorite ice cream recipes.

We can make small batches of everything from vanilla to espresso to mint chocolate chip to jalapeno jelly strawberry. And it works just as will with non-dairy drinks like soy, almond or rice milks and juices. Generally served in small cones or paper cups for the gluten-free. I could use some helpers – so please don’t hesitate to approach me at the conference. Hosted by James Coburn.

Ultimate Werewolf

Werewolf is moderated role playing game of hidden identity and deduction. It’s the classic scenario of good guys vs. bad guys or to be more precise, werewolves vs. villagers. Up to 60 people can play! Recommend age is 6 or older. Younger kids are welcome but may need support in order to keep their identities secret. Hosted by Renita Keatley.

Awesome 80’s (& Slightly 70’s) Dance Party

Break out your legwarmers and crimping iron for an hour of nonstop dancing to the best of the 1980s (and some of the 70’s). Neon colors, blue mascara, and giant plastic jewelry encouraged — but not required. This event will happen during the Friday Family Fun Night. Hosted by Colleen Paeff.

American Girl Dolls

Bring your 18″ dolls and join us in our American Girl Dolls funshop! We just want to share our love of dolls with the people at LIFE Is Good and that’s what we’re gonna do! :)

You can see some things we do with our dolls on our doll youtube channels!
Viola: DynamicDollies
Aliana: UnicornDollies
Hosted by Aliana & Viola Cerullo, aka the twins!.

YouTube Share and Tell

Bring your laptop to show us your favorite YouTubers. Meet others who watch your favorites. Find new YouTubers to follow. If you have your own you tube show come show us so we can follow you.

Some of our favorites:
Vlog brothers (Nerdfighters DFTBA! And maybe we’ll do something to decrease world suck)
Tyler Oakley
The Wing Girls
Jack & Dean
Miranda Sings
Mamerie Hart

Or maybe you watch YouTube stars that make bank by out of boxing, gaming or life hacking:

Crazy Russian hacker
Kan & Aki
Troye Sivan

(If your favorite You Tuber isn’t listed contact Renee Cabatic via Facebook to update the list.) Co-hosted by Sabine Winkler & Renee Cabatic.

Nerdfighter Meet-Up

Nerd Fighters unite to decrease world suck!
Don’t forget to be awesome. (DFTBA)

Super Smash Bros Wii U Tournament

Come play Super Smash Bros on our Wii U in a double elimination tournament.
Only omega stages.
No items.
No custom fighters.
One v one. Possible team matches.
We provide Wii U, TV, a game cube controller adaptor and several controllers.
Co-hosted by the Chapman-Knight clan and the Cabatics.

Self Publishing for Fun and Massive Profit

Learn how to self-publish books on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, hard copies, and Google Play in a way that grants you the most chance of monetary success. This talk will be geared towards adults and will have to move very fast to cover everything necessary in one hour. if younger children are interested, a parent should come too, in order to capture and understand all the material. Children CAN do this with the help of a parent. And even make money. Look at the success of Eragon. I published my first book on January 21st of 2014. In July, my husband quit his job. I don’t have any great talent, but I did have a good teacher. There’s a definite pattern to success and I’ll share it. My pseudonym is Lisa Ladew if you want to look me up. Hosted by Lisa Weber.

Real-life Quidditch

Back by popular demand, a 2-hour event run by the Portland Quidditch League! (1 hour of learning and drills, 1 hour for scrimmaging).
Quidditch started in the Harry Potter books and movies, but it has come to life in recent years as a real sport, while keeping the fun and magic of the original game. Come learn how to play with the leaders of the Portland Quidditch League! We’ll spend the first hour learning to play and the second hour playing a few games. Make sure to bring water and enthusiasm! Hosted by Tasha Robertson & Benji B’Shalom.

Anglophiles’ Afternoon Tea Party

Come join us for a cuppa! British-themed cosplay, bad fake British accents and Gluten Free-option donations are welcome but not required. Hosted by Joey & Anne-Marie Fjeld.

Decoding a Job Listing

Job seekers have to customize their résumés and cover letters – but how to do that? It starts with fully understanding the job listing. I can show you how to read a want ad, how to find the important keywords, and little ways to make your résumé fit the bill a little better. I will bring examples, but do bring any listings to which you’d like to apply. Hosted by Robyn Coburn.

Repurposing Cork

In this funshop we will be figuring out many ways to repurpose corks. We will make earrings, key chains, small figurines, cork animals and much more. If you have a project you would like to do bring any supplies you might need. I will provide corks (however, feel free to bring any you can collect between now and the conference). I will provide all supplies for the keychains, animals and earrings. I could most definitely use extra hot or any temp glue guns. Hosted by Stephanie Cutler.

Duct Tape Creations

Duct tape is awesome and it’s awesome for making duct tape flip flops, wallets, bags, flowers, pretty much anything you can imagine. Join us! We’ll provide tape (but donations will be greatly appreciated) and some ideas and you bring thumbs and creativity. (People without thumbs welcome too). Hosted by Kathryn & Edward Robles.

Poetry Marathon

Turn your editing brain off and come write poetry in this fun and fast-paced group! Any level of reading/writing is welcome, including bringing someone to take dictation for you. We’ll write poems in a “round robin” style, writing quickly and then passing our poems along as prompts for the next writer. Marina and Roya have been writing poetry together for 17 years now, after meeting in a poetry workshop at a homeschooling conference. Or was it a stained glass workshop? Anyway, come write poems with us. Hosted by Marina Shuman & Roya Dedeaux.

Mutant Toy Making

Make your own mutant toys! Cut Barbie’s hair, replace G.I. Joe’s arms with octopus tentacles, or add wheels to My Little Pony. We’ll supply the tools and the toys, you bring your imagination and sense of humor… and keep your fabulous creations, of course! Check out these pictures from a past event for inspiration! Hosted by David Lowe.