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2016 Funshops

Smash Brothers for WiiU Tournament

Double Elimination
4 minute format / 2 stocks
Best of one
Omega stages only
No custom characters
Wii Remotes, nunchucks and game cube controllers provided
Two tournaments; 12 and under, and an all ages.
Pre-registration at the same time as bag/info pick up
Expect the tournaments to run longer than one hour. Last year it was very popular! It lasted almost four hours!
Prizes to be won!

Hosted by the Chapman/Knight family & the Cabatic family.

Drinking Cup Mania

Join us to use piles of plastic drinking cups to have fun. We will…
* go bowling using the cups as pins
* make cup crafts
* build pom pom launchers for a basketball style game
* carnival style games (penny toss, clothes pin drop)
* good old fashioned building towers
* whatever else we can think of!

Hosted by Misty Murphy.




More Funshops will be added soon!