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2015 Funshops

Decoding a Job Listing

Job seekers have to customize their résumés and cover letters – but how to do that? It starts with fully understanding the job listing. I can show you how to read a want ad, how to find the important keywords, and little ways to make your résumé fit the bill a little better. I will bring examples, but do bring any listings to which you’d like to apply. Hosted by Robyn Coburn.

Repurposing Cork

In this funshop we will be figuring out many ways to repurpose corks. We will make earrings, key chains, small figurines, cork animals and much more. If you have a project you would like to do bring any supplies you might need. I will provide corks (however, feel free to bring any you can collect between now and the conference). I will provide all supplies for the keychains, animals and earrings. I could most definitely use extra hot or any temp glue guns. Hosted by Stephanie Cutler.

Duct Tape Creations

Duct tape is awesome and it’s awesome for making duct tape flip flops, wallets, bags, flowers, pretty much anything you can imagine. Join us! We’ll provide tape (but donations will be greatly appreciated) and some ideas and you bring thumbs and creativity. (People without thumbs welcome too). Hosted by Kathryn & Edward Robles.

Poetry Marathon

Turn your editing brain off and come write poetry in this fun and fast-paced group! Any level of reading/writing is welcome, including bringing someone to take dictation for you. We’ll write poems in a “round robin” style, writing quickly and then passing our poems along as prompts for the next writer. Marina and Roya have been writing poetry together for 17 years now, after meeting in a poetry workshop at a homeschooling conference. Or was it a stained glass workshop? Anyway, come write poems with us. Hosted by Marina Shuman & Roya Dedeaux.

Mutant Toy Making

Make your own mutant toys! Cut Barbie’s hair, replace G.I. Joe’s arms with octopus tentacles, or add wheels to My Little Pony. We’ll supply the tools and the toys, you bring your imagination and sense of humor… and keep your fabulous creations, of course! Check out these pictures from a past event for inspiration! Hosted by David Lowe.



More Funshops will be added soon!