The full 2017 conference schedule can be found here.

2017 Funshops

Ice Breakers and Improv Games Just for Tweens (approx. 9-13 years old)

Tweens! Join us for some fun group games, from classic improv to Not Back to School Camp (nbtsc) favorites. Led by Rachel and Leif, current nbtsc-ers and long time improv lovers. We’ll learn human knot, rock paper scissors cheerleader, in the matter of the adverb and others depending on the size our group. Come to watch or to play! Hosted by Rachel Urner and Leif Schmit .

Self-Publishing for Fun and Profit

Maia and Lisa discuss the ins and outs of self-publishing books on Amazon and other retailers, the industry right now, how to get started, and how to break out. Hosted by Maia Dealan-de & Lisa Klein Weber.

Standardized Test Questions for Fun aka Brain Teasers!

Do you like figuring out the tricks, shortcuts, and solutions to seemingly impossible questions? Join me for some of my favorite problems and how to work them out. Bring your favorite Brain Teaser too to challenge the rest of us. Logic and creative thinking rule! Hosted by Mai Lon Ross.

Campfire Singalong

We won’t have an actual fire, but will sing all the favorite campfire songs. Hosted by Carolyn Winkler.

Nitrogen Ice Cream

A Conference picnic tradition! By popular demand! Wonderful, super fresh, instant ice cream made in small batches, with a range of fresh real ingredients – dairy, non-dairy, fruity sorbets and all kinds of gourmet choices. Fancy – the greatest coffee ice cream you’ve ever had, mint-chocolate, vanilla jalapeno – or the basics – vanilla, strawberry. You can bring your selection of special fixings to the park, and I will bring the liquid nitrogen. Let’s collaborate on ingredients. I’ll supply a sign up sheet. Recipe Website for inspiration:

Is it safe?
Yes. One strong adult pours, and the kids can stir, stir, stir without fear. Never had an accident yet in the 12 years or so I’ve been hosting this. Nitrogen evaporates instantly, and is all gone by the time the ice cream is ready to eat. The air is 78% Nitrogen naturally.
Can you do special diet needs?
Yes. Bring along the ingredients. Be aware that the best we can do at the park for the bowls and spoons is a thorough rinse with cold water between batches.
We use small cones or small paper cups to do the servings so it is certainly possible to avoid Gluten.
How does it work?
We make up batches – usually less than a gallon – of different flavors in situ, then pour the liquid nitrogen into the bowl. Stir like crazy until the batch is frozen to a soft serve freeze. Then a small scoop is served based on the line up. It’s usually a little crazy, but we keep going until everyone who wants it has had a little something, and the nitrogen runs out. You can catch a glimpse of it in the Conference film.
Do you need help?
YES. I especially would like someone strong to help with lifting and pouring. It’s great when someone helps marshall the ingredients on the day, and with rinsing the bowls between batches, and we usually need some help with clean up. Sometimes local help returning the dewer (liquid nitro container) to the rental vendor is needed.

Honestly, I’d love to pass the baton, or stirring spoon, to someone else. Let me know if you are interested in becoming the next Nitrogen Ice Cream guy! Hosted by James Coburn.

Water Color Mini Paintings

Learn some fun water color techniques that I have adapted from basic supplies for a fun-shop setting. There will be several mini paintings to choose from that I will teach you the techniques so you create your very own. No experience necessary and all supplies will be provided!
Littles under 6 may need some guidance. Hosted by Angela Kartischko.

Make a Hawaiian Candy Lei

Learn how to make a candy lei for your own neck or to give to your Fairy Godchild! These are common gifts for birthdays, special events, and graduations and are meant to be eaten while worn! It’s easy to make, but young children may need help from an adult. Hosted by Robin Bentley.

Make a Hawaiian Ribbon Lei

Learn how to make a ribbon lei for your neck (called a lei a’i) or to give to someone else as a symbol of love and friendship. Choose from the many-colored ribbons available. You can make a mini lei for your car or (your friend’s car) rearview mirror, if you prefer! These leis require patience and a gentle hand; generally, young kids will need help from an adult. Hosted by Robin Bentley

Minecraft Server Development

Bring your PCs down to the computer room and we’ll explore creating and managing your own Minecraft server. Later on in the day, come to our “plugin meet-up” and learn how to code a spigot plugin (in Java) for your new server. Hosted by Jake Troper.

Pokemon TCG

Whether you already have a binder of EX Pokemon or are just starting out, Pokemon can be a lot of fun even without a smartphone– Pokemon TCG (the card game) was around long before Pokemon Go! Come compare and trade cards, show off your collection, wear your favorite Pokemon shirt, or learn to play the card game for the first time. Hosted by Leah Eads.

Life Is Good Rocks!

Come join us in the latest Art Abandonment craze, and let’s paint some rocks. Afterwards, we’ll meet up to do a lunchtime walk and hide our goodies around the conference grounds and surrounding area. Rock donations welcome and appreciated. Hosted by Saille Warner Norton.

Creating Minecraft add-ons (MCPE and Win10)

Ever want to tame a spider or ride a cow? It’s easier than ever to mod Minecraft. Anyone can create an add-on. You only need Notepad and Paint (basic text and image editing programs). We will walk through how to create a few simple add-ons and how to package and share them. If you bring a laptop you can follow along and have a add-on to share by the end of the funshop. If you do want to create your own add-on during the funshop bring a few digital pictures and an idea or two on how you would like to change a mob. Hosted by Scott Tucker & Nora Tucker.

Pokemon Tournament

Quick elimination style Pokemon trading card game tournament.
3 age groups – 6-10, 11-15, 16+
60 card deck needed to enter

Each participant will receive a gym badge button. 

The winner of each age group wins a starter deck.

Hosted by Angela Kartischko & William Crawford.

Introduction to Emotional Acupressure

Learn how to use 2 emotional acupressure interventions to reduce or emilinate emotional distress. Hosted by Rachelle McCloud.

Lets Make Flubber!

We will be turning simple ingredients into a fun stretchy polymer. Flubber is given it’s name from the popular 1960’s film about a scientist inventing a substance that has special energy properties. While our goo won’t be as magical, it will still be entertaining. We will snap, stretch, squish and ooze our way to a good time. (Please note: one ingredient in this recipe is Borax. While this is a common laundry ingredient, it does require caution handling. Kids who can closely follow safety instructions can participate solo. Other kids will be asked to have a parent help.) Hosted by Misty Murphy.

Travel Notebooks & Journals

Learn how to record your travel memories by scraping, journaling, sketching or painting. If you don’t know how to draw, no worries! Spramani will show you how stunning travel journals can be created by collecting simple travel brochures, receipts, train tickets and basic doodles. This class is addicting and colorful and sure to get you journaling! We will discuss tips, and best art supplies, mediums that travel well, and compact for easy travel. Samples will be available for you to view. If you have a journal, bring it to class. There will be paper to bind and create your own to get started. Spramani will be reviewing and demonstrating many mix-media materials that work great for travel notebooks or journals. Best for kids 7 years and up. Hosted by Spramani Elaun.

Marble Painting 

Learn how to marbleize paper, learn what materials are needed, and make fun letterhead, note cards and tags. All materials are included in this workshop. Best for kids 7 years and up. Hosted by Spramani Elaun.

Dream Big! 

Dream Big Funshop: for the teens and young adults (and maybe the grownups who still have big ideas). What’s your biggest most aspirational idea EVER? How does anyone achieve it? Looking at the top of the mountain, from base camp, feels daunting, if your goal is to get to the top. Looking at it from a different angle feels doable. Practical and inspirational ways to find what you love and think about that dream. Think big thoughts and have big ideas. Don’t be afraid to do it. Come and inspire each other. All ages welcome. Hosted by Renee Cabatic & Jenny Cyphers.

The Audition Funshop 

Ever wanted to audition for a play? You might not know what to expect. Bring your knowledge or lack thereof and join in a practice audition! All ages welcome. Hosted by Chloë Asher Crane

Dr. Who Discussion and Trivia

Dr. Who fans, this is for you! Let’s spend some time talking Dr. Who then enjoy Who trivia. Purple coats and bow ties welcome, along with other Who attire. Hosted by Seth Jones.

Gameshow Trivia

Hey, I’m Annabel, and this is the second time I’ll be hosting a trivia funshop because I love pretending I’m smart by using humor and big fancy words. Come here if you’re a giant nerd, or if I make you come. There are no other reasons I can think of for you to come.

A fun trivia example:
You: (filled with glee because my funshop is so great) astronomy for 500 please,
Me: (pulls it off my amazing gameshow themed poster board) what would a galaxy being flocculent, or fluffy tell you about the age of its stars?
You: they are young boys
me: correct you get one singular intrinsically worthless point (if you get the most points you get to choose from 3 /mystery/ boxes, which all have different prizes varying in quality) Hosted by Annabel Paulson

Life Drawing

Drawing the human figure is a difficult task, but life drawing is one of the best ways to learn how to draw the figure! Life drawing is where you draw from a live model and they pose for set amounts of time so you can draw them. This will be uninstructed for the most part but I’ll be able to answer questions and give tips as wanted! We’ll be doing several short poses (1-5 minutes), which are good for practicing gesture. And a few longer poses (5-10 minutes), which are better for shading and form. Bringing your own sketchbook is not required but if you have one and would like to use it feel free! I’ll be supplying paper and pencils for those who don’t bring a sketchbook. Hosted by Amelia Van Brink.

Meet and Greet for Newbies

We will help everyone attending the conference for the first time understand the flow of the conference, maneuvering logistics, tips on getting your needs met and answer any questions you might have about how to make the conference work for you and your family. Or if you’re not a newbie, come share your favorite conference tips. Hosted by Kristin Lake.

Trashion: Trash to Fashion

Using plastic, old clothes and linens and we’ll bring them new life together. We’ll use crochet, sewing, knitting, applique, fabric markers, fabric tying and more. Make a sweater into a purse or ripped pants into a skirt. Turn tee shirts into bags or bed sheets into yarn. Make your too small pants bigger or turn an old rice bag into a backpack. Make jewelry out of plastic from the recycling bin. The sky’s the limit. Hosted by Rebekah Cowell.

Basic Herbal Medicine

Come learn to make a few basic, safe for all ages herbal remedies from ingredients likely already in your kitchen and herbs you probably have in your backyard. We’ll focus specifically on a few basics and lightly touch on foraging, types of herbal medicines and other herbs. Hosted by Rebekah Cowell.

Daily Yoga

Join us for one hour of gentle, slow, deep stretching. Most poses are able to be modified for most bodies. This is a quiet, slow style of yoga that might leave littles a little squirrelly and bored, so use your discretion as to ages of attendees. The sky’s the limit. Hosted by Rebekah Cowell.


Fun with yarn!
Are you a knitter? Crocheter? Spinner? Whether you come to learn or just to hang out with other lovers of yarn, this is the funshop for you! Some yarn and tools will be provided for use in the funshop or bring your own. There will be at least three people available to teach as well. Hosted by Kristin Lake, Renita Smeatley & Rebekah Cowell.

Light-up-the-Dark Party

Let’s shut off the lights and light up the dark! We’ll have some upbeat music, a disco ball light that responds to the music and lots of light up and glow items to play with. Feel free to bring your own as well! Hosted by Renee Cooper.

Intuitive Painting

Acrylic painting on canvases with minimal instructions. The idea is to let creativity flow. Hosted by Bethany Sells.

ATC-Artist Trading Cards

What are Artist Trading Cards? Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are simply pieces of art that are made out of cards measuring 2.5”by 3.5”. You can buy special paper already cut to this size, or better yet, simply use sturdy paper you already have at home. Old file folders, card stock, greeting cards – any paper that is not flimsy – can be cut to the right dimensions and used as an ATC. Think about baseball trading cards and look for paper about that weight. Or, be creative and use materials other than paper. Just keep to the 2.5” x 3.5” size. Once you have your 2.5 x 3.5” card, what you do with it is up to you. Draw on it, paint, collage, sew, embellish, write words.

In an ATCs funshop, all of the participants share materials, themes, techniques and ideas with others in the funshop to make unique ATCs. And we always schedule time for trading/swapping finished cards too!

ATCs Supplies needed from Home for this Funshop:

Cardstock-Cut to the 2.5″x 3.5″ size and leftover scraps.
Colored paper of various weights and sizes.
Old gift wrap, Magazines and Catalogs for collage cards.
Fabric scraps, Buttons and other sewing notions for
Watercolor paints, Crayons, Colored Markers, Gel Pens, Colored Pencils etc.
Scissors, Paper Punches, Glue, Tape, etc.
And any other Arts and Crafts supplies that you would like to share(Most Scrapbooking Supplies work well for making ATCs).

*Even if you don’t participate in the ATC funshop, we would really appreciate donations of art supplies from everyone!*

Hosted by Erika Davis-Pitre.

Cut & Paste Collage

Create a one-of-a-kind artwork by combining pictures and words cut from recycled magazines. Hosted by Bean Paulson.

Get-Teen to Know You Icebreaker Games

Teens only
Are you a teen new to LiG? Are you a veteran teen looking to meet new friends? Come on down to the Get Teen to Know You! We’ll play name games, have friendship speed dating and pizza! Hosted by the LiG Teen Scene.


Improvisational acting, or Improv, is a fun, spontaneous type of theatre, but how does it really work? Join us to learn the basic guidelines of Improv, to play some fun games, and to learn to live life in the moment. All ages are welcome! Hosted by Maya Huck, Paige Murphy & Olivia Smith.

Team Building 

There are many life circumstances where bringing folks together to work for a common goal is necessary: co-workers, roommates, projects, sporting events, gaming, learning, service projects, relationships, study groups, playing music and more. Gather with other teens (all ages welcome) to discuss ways we have made team building work in our lives and tools and techniques to use in the future. Hosted by David Fjeld & Melissa Schaefers.

The Art and Science of Flirting

Teens only
Want to know how to signal your interest in another person? Is that cutey looking at YOU? How to make it known skillfully without creeping out the object of your interest. And once you’ve opened the lines of communication how do you make a date happen? Let’s practice flirting together in a non-stress, no expectation setting. Hosted by Chloe King & Melissa Schaefers.


Teens and everyone should travel abroad because it breaks barriers, expands perspectives, builds bridges to other cultures, increases strength, resilience and character, and shows that globally we are all connected. Let’s discuss the difficulties and solutions to making travel possible for all. Let’s hear from teens and young adults who have made trips abroad, what they’ve learned and what we can do to make travel part of our life experience. Hosted by the Leif Schmit.

Social Justice and Political Action

with Erika Davis-Pitre
A funshop to help prepare newer activists for what to expect at protests, marches, demonstrations etc. How to be safe, avoid arrest, and what to do if police contact occurs. Also covering more things folks can do to help, ways they can further their cause: picketing, flyering, phone calls, attending their city council meetings and other local government offerings. Hosted by the LiG Teen Scene.


Um, hey makeup yeah? Makeup, how to do it better. What’s up with society even?? Learn things like how to accentuate features of your face, how to find the right foundation, and how to not accidentally poke yourself in the eye when applying makeup there. We will be speaking our opinions and being open to those of others, as well as finding individual senses of style. Some people like a ton of makeup, others prefer just mascara, and there are plenty in-between.  Hosted by Chloe Asher Crane & Jayn Coburn.

Moving Out:  Buying, Renting and  Dealing with Roommates

At some point in our lives we might want to move out of our family’s home. How do we do that? What is entailed in getting an apartment, finding roommates, maybe even buying a home? And once we are out, how do we live with these people who do things so differently?. Hosted by the Leif Schmit, Renee Cabatic & Robyn Coburn.

Job Hunting/Resumes/Making a Living As an Artist

with Robyn Coburn and Lisa Weber
Whether you’re looking for a temporary job to pay for your adventures/gaming/bills or pursuing a way to make a living following your passion this funshop is for you. We’ll talk about finding jobs, filling out applications, translating the activities you’ve done into skills employees want, perfecting your résumé and more. Robyn Coburn will cover specifics regarding: “When Passion isn’t Enough: Making a living as a creative in the arts” – job hunting skills, finances, time management, avoiding burnout, and keeping the flame alive. Hosted by the LiG Teen Scene.

How to Argue Effectively/ Mock Debate

with Emily Smoot
Practice arguments! Find out why they’re important and how we argue our points in a direct manner. We’ll explore common fallacies and debate traps. Then we will choose from a range of fun and odd debate topics to implement what we discussed in a mock debate!. Hosted by the LiG Teen Scene.


with David Fjeld
Memes intro: much memes. Very discussion. Such learn about. Wow. 
Ever hear about something called “memes” and wondered “what exactly is a meme and why is it so cringy?” Maybe you want to learn about the spread of an idea or concept, also known as meme magic? Or maybe you just harass the person leading it and spam Roundabout? Whatever your reason, come check out this workshop, and learn about socially spreading concepts. Side effects include loss of brain cells. Hosted by the LiG Teen Scene.