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2020 Funshops

Chicken 101
Bring your questions, I’ll bring the answers and we’ll discuss back yard chickens! I’m going to go over these topics and maybe a few more: housing, food, breeds, predators, and that chickens make amazing pets! We’ll also have a “question section”! Hope to see you there! Hosted by Eleni Halcott .

Hand Lettering
Do you love to draw block letters, 3D letters, bubble letters, fancy curly letters? Or wish you knew how? Come and share the way you like to draw letters or learn from others. We’ll have fun practicing a variety of artful lettering that you can use for cards, signs, or just to create your own unique handwriting style. And I’ll show you a website where you can turn your handwriting into your very own font. Hosted by Leah Eads.

Visible & Practical Mending
Give new life to your clothes (or other household items) while adding unique personal touches. We’ll cover the basics of simple sewing, talk about how to fix some of the most common types of holes or tears you might encounter, and how to add stitching and patches to whatever you want. Bring something to mend or embellish– sewing materials and scraps for patches will be provided but you can bring your own too.  Hosted by Leah Eads.

Paperville Playground
I’ll show you how to make wacky structures out of paper and tape. Hosted by Kristin Shepherd.

Join us for bingo! Bingo, blackout, pictureframe, four corners, X, cross- we can try them all. All supplies provided and a small prize table at the end for participants.  Hosted by Rebekah Cowell.

Sound Bath
Come get your chill on and follow along with a guided meditation and sound bath. All ages, but the youngest of children might have a hard time staying focused for the full, hour-long session- it’s fine to quietly sneak out if you need to. We’ll start with a guided meditation focusing on breath, muscle release and some basic guided imagery. We’ll finish up with a sound bath featuring simple instruments like Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, etc. Participants will have a chance to try some supervised play of the instruments at the end. Hosted by Rebekah Cowell.

ATC-Artist Trading Cards
What are Artist Trading Cards? Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are simply pieces of art that are made out of cards measuring 2.5”by 3.5”. You can buy special paper already cut to this size, or better yet, simply use sturdy paper you already have at home. Old file folders, card stock, greeting cards – any paper that is not flimsy – can be cut to the right dimensions and used as an ATC. Think about baseball trading cards and look for paper about that weight. Or, be creative and use materials other than paper. Just keep to the 2.5” x 3.5” size. Once you have your 2.5 x 3.5” card, what you do with it is up to you. Draw on it, paint, collage, sew, embellish, write words. In an ATCs funshop, all of the participants share materials, themes, techniques and ideas with others in the funshop to make unique ATCs. And we always schedule time for trading/swapping finished cards too!

ATCs Supplies needed from Home for this Funshop:

    • Cardstock-Cut to the 2.5″x 3.5″ size and leftover scraps.
    • Colored paper of various weights and sizes.
    • Old gift wrap, Magazines and Catalogs for collage cards.
    • Fabric scraps, Buttons and other sewing notions for
    • Watercolor paints, Crayons, Colored Markers, Gel Pens, Colored Pencils etc.
    • Scissors, Paper Punches, Glue, Tape, etc.
    • And any other Arts and Crafts supplies that you would like to share(Most Scrapbooking Supplies work well for making ATCs).

*Even if you don’t participate in the ATC funshop, we would really appreciate donations of art supplies from everyone!* Hosted by Erika Davis-Pitre.




More funshops will be added soon!