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Kelly Lovejoy

Pulling your Child out of School—What to Expect

Making the decision to pull your child out of school can be liberating, but it can also be daunting! Kelly withdrew her son Cameron (now 30) from school at the end of sixth grade. There are tricks, pitfalls, advantages, and lots of unexpected surprises—good and bad. We will explore how to do it; when to do it; what to expect from family, school officials (AND your child’s friends!); and how to make the transition, i.e., “What Do I Do Monday?”

She’ll share what she and Cameron experienced and help navigate you toward a smooth(er) transition.

But What About College?

One of the most common questions unschooling families are asked is “But what about college?” Many unschoolers choose to enter college and do REALLY well! Kelly’s radically unschooled younger son Duncan (now 22) is in college now, majoring in mathematics/computer science—without a single math class before starting college!

We’ll talk about diplomas and transcripts, the admissions process, “special student” status, professors’ expectations, testing immaturity, that “first week,” and how and why unschoolers are so successful.



Erika Davis-Pitre

Sharing the Joy of Unschooling!

This talk is all about the Joy that unschooling has brought to my family’s life. I will cover many topics in a humorous and fun way, from just starting out basics (is it supposed to be this fun?), to how to convince your extended family that you are not crazy (really, you’re not!) to how You yourself can become the next great unschooling guru! Come ready to share a laugh, a smile and some good time with your “people”.

Talking About Race and Racism: A Frank Discussion

The idea of race has a difficult and complex history, especially here in the US. It has been used for centuries to categorize, reward, and penalize people based on perceived differences. And despite often being misguidedly defined by skin tone and other physical attributes, race has no genetic basis but this powerful social construction has a tremendous impact on individuals’ lives because it is often employed to establish and maintain privilege and power dynamics. Even the definitions of race and racism are themselves a product of racism’s long and conflicted history in our society.

So with all of that in mind, how does one go about having a dialogue about this important topic? By coming to this informative and lively discussion! This talk will discuss Race and Racism and how it impacts us all, especially us as Unschoolers.

Please come with your questions, concerns and solutions as we navigate this very important topic. A moderated discussion will follow immediately after the presentation. Everyone is encouraged to participate. All are Welcome. This presentation will NOT be recorded.


Erika Davis-Pitre, Laura Flynn Endres & Kelly Lovejoy

The View, Unschooling Edition

We all look forward to the time when we find ourselves relaxing and happily socializing at a conference, rather than rabidly consuming workshops and spending every available minute networking and asking questions. It feels good to get to that place where you “get it,” when unschooling is alive and well and – *gasp* – NORMAL in your home. That’s where Kelly, Erika, and Laura, seasoned conference presenters, found themselves while sitting around a table at the UWWG two years ago – and The View, Unschooling Edition, was born. Here’s your chance to gain from their collective wisdom. These three are veteran, long-term unschooling moms. They’re happy, fulfilled, and have a lot to share. And together, they’re a force to be reckoned with. They will be discussing common concerns of unschooling parents—’cause they’ve heard them a million times!

The View, Unschooling Edition is the recipient of 29 Emmy® Awards, numerous Emmy Award nominations, including 11 consecutive nominations for Outstanding Talk Show and 13 consecutive nominations for Outstanding Talk Show Host. Ok, not really.



Laura Flynn Endres

Get Shit Done: Less Thinking, More Doing 

How to not over-think it and just unschool.

You’re here to learn, but then it’s time to begin unschooling. I’m all for reading books and blogs, participating in (some) online forums, and attending conferences. But there comes a point when you have to stop thinking about how best to unschool and simply begin unschooling – which means not worrying over every little detail of every little interaction. Your goal is for unschooling to be as natural as breathing. Let’s talk about the fastest way to get there!

More presentations will be added soon!