Roya Dedeaux

Protect Their Passion – part one

Play is necessary for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being. However many adults assimilated messages during their own childhoods that remain unresolved, messages from their parents or teachers that play is frivolous, unworthy, or unimportant. PART ONE of this two-part talk will focus on the benefits of play for children and adults and begin to delve into how you can increase your family’s well-being through valuing play in all of its forms. (It’s ok if you can’t come to part two, come anyway).

Protect Their Passion – part two

PART TWO of this two part talk will continue to discuss the importance of play, and go further in exploring your own barriers to connecting with your children’s interests. We will dive into fears and emotional roadblocks, as well as creative solutions to logistical problems that get in between you and your children connecting over their interests. We will do “hands on” exercises that help you apply this exploration to your actual life and kids! (It’s ok if you miss part one, come anyway).

Kiera Cook

Unschooling Stories

Unschoolers often get asked to talk about their “typical day.” For most of us, that is just about impossible. This talk will explore a few especially sweet, poignant, and “unschooly” moments in our family’s life, that are even more significant because of how “typical” they are for us.

Matt Cook

Deciding to Unschool: A Dad’s Perspective 

From a homeschooling skeptic to unschooling champion, this talk will explore this unschooling dad’s process in coming to terms and then embracing what unschooling meant for his family and himself.   

Carolyn Groves

A Baker’s Dozen — 13 years of LIFE is Good

While searching for a new place for her family to live after 14 years in Jackson, Wyoming, Carolyn stumbled across a Yahoo Unschooling Group in Corvallis, OR and asked to join.  She followed the group and coveted the community they seemed to share with other like minded folks.  They visited Corvallis in the fall of 2006 with their then 4.5 and 1 year old daughters, and met Mary and another long time unschooling mom at the Sunnyside Up Cafe, and peppered the women with questions — “Will our daughters be able to attend college?”  “How will they make friends?” “What about math?” and other such things.  Mary mentioned that she was going to host an unschooling conference in the spring and invited them to attend.  They did, not realizing at the time the impact the conference and friends they made there would have on their family.  In this talk, Carolyn will share some memorable moments from 13 years of unschooling with the LIFE is Good mindset, and how to get the most out of your conference experience this weekend.  

The Best Unschooling Books…That Aren’t Actually About Unschooling

Google or search a library catalog for “Unschooling Books” and you’ll get a few great lists.  But what about books that are not cataloged or classified as “unschooling” books?  From picture books to hands-on activities, to non-fiction and biographies, former librarian Carolyn will share with you a list of books sure to inspire, help you explain your choices to less-than-supportive friends and family, and guide you on your own unschooling journey.  





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