Teen Scene

All Teen Scene activities are planned and hosted by the amazing LIFE is Good Teen Committee. The times and locations for each activity will be posted on the schedule in May. Want to join the LiG Teen Committee? Contact Carolyn at lifeisgoodconference@comcast.net.

Click here for the full conference schedule.

 2018 Teen Activities

Get-Teen to Know You Icebreaker Games
Teens only
Are you a teen new to LiG? Are you a veteran teen looking to meet new friends? Come on down to the Get Teen to Know You! We’ll play name games, have friendship speed dating and pizza!
with Maya Huck, Paige Murphy and Olivia Smith
Join us to play improv games and learn the basics of improvisational acting. Improv is the art of acting without a script and while making a scene up as you go. We’ll play fun games and begin to teach how to do beginner scenes. All ages are welcome, but please be aware that improv takes concentration and a willingness to listen and learn.
Helping Friends Through Hard Times
with Rachelle McCloud and Cyndi Connolly
A discussion of how to approach and help friends going through situations that seem toxic/harmful to themselves (self imposed or from an outside cause), and ways you, as a friend, can prevent the situations they are in from getting worse. Including information on how to recognize drug and alcohol addiction, self-medicating and harm reduction. All ages are welcome.
Teen Sex Talk
Teens only
A sex-positive, nuts and bolts discussion covering a wide range of sexual health topics including consent, safer sex, birth control, and more. Participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Get your burning questions answered anonymously, practice putting a condom on a cucumber, or just watch, listen and learn.
Gender and Orientation: Queer Queries
with Teo Cináed
Let us delve into the swirling fog of identity, self-expression, and the issues that gender, sexual, and romantic minorities face. Whether you’re an ally seeking a better understanding of inclusive language and advocacy, or a queer or questioning person bringing your own insight and questions to the table, you are welcome! All ages are welcome.
Making a Living as an Artist
with Leif Schmit
Are you an artist looking to make the jump from amateur to pro? Maybe just interested in what it would take to live your life doing the art you love? Pop in to this discussion where you’ll hear about my experience becoming a 19 year old unschooled theatre professional, important things to think about as an artist in this world, and an open discussion where we can share tips, experience, and do some Q’s & A’s! We’ll touch on topics like the myth of “the starving artist”, how money can affect the artistic work you do, and why be an artist when you can be a lawyer or a doctor? (Spoiler: artists are just as important) All ages are welcome.

Self Defense
with  Bria Bloom

All ages are welcome.
Part one: Come learn the basics of self defense in a fun and supportive environment! Learn basic falling; escapes and defenses against holds, bear hugs, and arm grabs; and the role that confidence and presence plays in your daily safety.

Part two: This session will be emergent depending on the specific interests of the participants. The options for part two include:

Continued practice of falling techniques
Ground grappling techniques and escapes
Basic throws
More advanced arm bars and wrist locks

Introverted Teen Meet Up
Teens only
Come meet other on-the-shy-side teens.  We will have some low-key ice breakers and games, with no pressure to participate.  ;) Hosted by the LiG Teen Scene.

Handling Harassment for Teens
Have you been cat-called in public? Had a supervisor (or co-worker) say inappropriate things? Been made to feel uncomfortable by someone you think is a friend? Come learn ways to deal with these types of situations, and how to set strong personal boundaries. Hosted by the LiG Teen Scene.

Unschooling & College
Are you or your kids thinking about going to college after unschooling? Want to talk about your own experience with college? Come join us to talk higher ed. Hosted by Nola Aycock.

*As with all activities at LIFE is Good, there are no set-in-stone age requirements. But as a guideline, the Teen Scene activities are geared toward independent young people in the 13-20 year age range unless otherwise indicated.