All Teen Scene activities are planned and hosted by the amazing LIFE is Good Teen Committee. The times and locations for each activity will be posted on the schedule in May. Want to join the LiG Teen Committee? Contact Willow at

2019 Teen Activities*

Get-Teen to Know You Icebreaker Games

Teens only. Are you a teen new to LiG? Are you a veteran teen looking to meet new friends? Come on down to the Get Teen to Know You! We’ll play name games, have friendship speed dating and pizza! Hosted by the Annie Marie Hyde & Quinn Weltzin.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Teens only. Human sexuality plays a major role in everyone’s life. Whether we are young or old, man, woman or somewhere in between, it seems that it is one of the most important drives we have to deal with as humans (next to sleeping and eating.) This will be a sex positive open chat. A safe place where you can get info on safer sex, birth control, gender questions, alternative sexualities and other topics related to human sexuality. All conversations will remain strictly private. Hosted by the Willow Foster.

Theatrical Dance Workshop 

Open to all ages. Come learn a theatrical group dance that we will all perform at the talent show together! If you want to learn the dance without the performing, that’s good too. 😊 No previous dance experience required, it’s all just for fun! Hosted by Aliana & Viola Cerullo.

Fairy Hair

Open to all ages. Add a little sparkle to your hair with delicate strands of tinsel. There will be many colors to choose from, stick with one or mix it up! Bring a buddy and learn how to attach the strands to their hair or just pop in to have some added to yours. The tinsel is tied to a few of your own strands of hair and will remain in place until the hair falls out; they may be heat-styled. Please come with washed, dry hair. Hosted by Willow Foster.


Imagine :
A late night summer camp fireside hangout, with only the stars and the campfire to light the forest around you. We plan to provide a real actual fire pit, a constellation projector, games, and marshmallows! Bring your softest pajamas, a soft blanket or a sleeping bag, and a passion for imagining that you are having fun 😊
**This funshop is open to anyone, but is more tailored to older kids**
*(not actually a real fire pit) (marshmallows are vegan friendly cuz we ain’t eating boneses in this good 2019)* Hosted by Sadie Crane.


Open to all ages. Looking for more happiness? Come learn some tips for quick joy boosts, as well as longer term happiness. Body position, reflection, humor, and laughter included. Hosted by  Mai Lon Brosseau .

Finding and Getting a “Real” Job

Finding a job is very hard. The best training for getting a job is on-the-job-training. Also, most job postings for above entry-level jobs today list some sort of post-high school education as a basic requirement. This is a problem when you’re just starting out, can’t afford college or just don’t think it is worth the time and money it will cost you. Or, you can’t seem to find a suitable job that pays what you need, in a location where you would like to be. I’m hoping to have a discussion on how to find and get a job that you’re qualified for, and pays your bills, even though you may not exactly have the attributes listed. This discussion is intended for all ages. Hosted by Kevin Tucker.

Friendship Bracelet Making! 

Open to all ages. We’re gunna be making “friendship bracelets” out of embroidery thread (it doesn’t have to be for a friend you can make it for yourself as well, it’s always good to be a friend to yourself). Come hang out and make bracelets with us, ya know like how they do at summer camps? Hosted by Willow Hessel.

Cosplay Day

Open to all ages. This is no formal event, but more of an all day party! Come to the conference in costume, any costume that suits you (and general public dressing rule). Maybe your favorite character from a book or a movie, maybe a character of your own making, the only rule is to bring something you’ll have fun in, and to remember to be nice. Go wild! Hosted by Sadie & Asher Crane.

Fabric Painting: Customize your clothes!

Open to all ages. Bring a pair of denim shorts, a jean jacket, your LIFE is Good shirt, or even a canvas bag! Whatever you want to personalize! I’ll have an assortment of fabric paints for you to use. Whether you want to paint the back pocket of your shorts or a small design on a shirt or bag, this funshop is for you! Hosted by  Rhiannon Tucker.

Mytho-magical PJO Party

Open to all ages. Are you a Percy Jackson fan in this good year of 2019? Join Thane and Harrison in a game of wits, war and dorkiness galore! There will be a quiz, a homemade version of mythomagic and a game of indoor capture the flag! Cosplay not required but encouraged. Hosted by  Asher Crane .


Open to all ages. Come do a photo shoot with me! We’ll be taking some different styles of photos, and you’ll have the opportunity to be both a photographer, as well as a model! Please bring a camera, either a phone or a digital camera (or a Polaroid!). I don’t know all that much about photography (self taught), but I’m hoping we can all learn from each other! I hope to see you there! Hosted by Rhiannon Tucker.

Unschoolers’ Mental Health Talk: Guided Discussion and Support

Open to all ages. Join Rachelle as she facilitates a discussion about mental health concerns, diagnoses, treatment, and support relevant to you. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other unschoolers who have had mental health challenges as well as those who love and support someone with a mental health challenge. You’ll get to ask questions and hear responses from Rachelle and other participants in the group as we share our experiences, challenges, triumphs, what has worked and what has not. Hosted by Rachelle McCloud.

Improv Games

**Explore Improbable Situations with Sensational improvisation**
Come play games like taxi cab, changes, town hall, alphabet, freeze, and more! It’s gonna be a fun time, all ages welcome and encouraged to join. Hosted by The Beegypt Bee Boys, a conglomeration of Amelia Van Brink, Max Van Landingham, Sebby Sellers, & Wilhelmina Van Brink.

Better-than-Prom Extravaganza

If it’s Saturday night, then it must be time for the Better-than-Prom Extravaganza! BTPE is a dance tailored for teens (but all ages are welcome). Make the most of this un-prom opportunity: bring a date, wear fancy clothes or crazy costumes, rent a limo, go out to dinner, and so on.

The party kicks off with a chance for you to show off your finery in the Better-than-Prom Fashion Show. Then we’ll fire up the Better-than-Prom Playlist and dance until we drop (or until midnight, whichever comes first).


*As with all activities at LIFE is Good, there are no set-in-stone age requirements. But as a guideline, the Teen Scene activities are geared toward independent young people in the 12-19 year age range unless otherwise indicated. See full conference schedule for times and locations of activities.