Teen Scene

The full 2017 conference schedule can be found here.


2017 Teen Activities

All Teen Scene activities are planned and hosted by the amazing LIFE is Good Teen Committee. The times and locations for each activity are still to be determined, as are some activity descriptions. Want to join the LiG Teen Committee? Contact Renee at lifeisgoodconference@comcast.net.


Get-Teen to Know You Icebreaker Games
Teens only
Are you a teen new to LiG? Are you a veteran teen looking to meet new friends? Come on down to the Get Teen to Know You! We’ll play name games, have friendship speed dating and pizza!
with Maya Huck, Paige Murphy and Olivia Smith
Improvisational acting, or Improv, is a fun, spontaneous type of theatre, but how does it really work? Join us to learn the basic guidelines of Improv, to play some fun games, and to learn to live life in the moment. All ages are welcome!
The Audition Funshop
with Chloë Asher Crane
Ever wanted to audition for a play? You might not know what to expect. Bring your knowledge or lack thereof and join in a practice audition! All ages welcome.
Team Building 
with David Fjeld and Melissa Schaefers
There are many life circumstances where bringing folks together to work for a common goal is necessary: co-workers, roommates, projects, sporting events, gaming, learning, service projects, relationships, study groups, playing music and more. Gather with other teens (all ages welcome) to discuss ways we have made team building work in our lives and tools and techniques to use in the future.
Helping Friends Through Hard Times
with Rachelle McCloud and Cyndy Connolly
 A discussion of  how to approach and help friends going through situations that seem toxic/harmful to themselves (self imposed or from an outside cause), and ways you, as a friend, can prevent the situations they are in from getting worse. Including information on how to recognize drug and alcohol addiction, self-medicating and harm reduction.
The Art and Science of Flirting
Teens only
with Chloe King, Melissa Schaefers
Want to know how to signal your interest in another person? Is that cutey looking at YOU? How to make it known skillfully without creeping out the object of your interest. And once you’ve opened the lines of communication how do you make a date happen? Let’s practice flirting together in a non-stress, no expectation setting.
Gender Identity, Understanding, Acceptance and the LGBTQ Spectrum
with Teo Cinaed, Leif Schmit, & Chloë Asher Crane
Our understanding of gender, personal identity, and expression is evolving! And with that comes more awareness of the long-standing need for more inclusive language and acceptance. Let’s talk and learn more about the spectrum of gender, its social issues, and how we can foster a safer world for marginalized identities.
FYI: We will be (non-graphically) talking about the dynamics and politics of sexuality, so be aware of this when deciding whether to bring younger children.
with Leif Schmit
Teens and everyone should travel abroad because it breaks barriers, expands perspectives, builds bridges to other cultures, increases strength, resilience and character, and shows that globally we are all connected. Let’s discuss the difficulties and solutions to making travel possible for all. Let’s hear from teens and young adults who have made trips abroad, what they’ve learned and what we can do to make travel part of our life experience.
Social Justice and Political Action
with Erika Davis-Pitre

A funshop to help prepare newer activists for what to expect at protests, marches, demonstrations etc. How to be safe, avoid arrest, and what to do if police contact occurs. Also covering more things folks can do to help, ways they can further their cause: picketing, flyering, phone calls, attending their city council meetings and other local government offerings.

with Chloë Asher Crane & Jayn Coburn
Um, hey makeup yeah? Makeup, how to do it better. What’s up with society even?? Learn things like how to accentuate features of your face, how to find the right foundation, and how to not accidentally poke yourself in the eye when applying makeup there. We will be speaking our opinions and being open to those of others, as well as finding individual senses of style. Some people like a ton of makeup, others prefer just mascara, and there are plenty in-between.
Moving Out: Buying, Renting and  Dealing with Roommates
with Leif Schmit, Renee Cabatic & Robyn Coburn
At some point in our lives we might want to move out of our family’s home. How do we do that? What is entailed in getting an apartment, finding roommates, maybe even buying a home? And once we are out, how do we live with these people who do things so differently?
Job Hunting/Resumes/Making a Living As an Artist
with Robyn Coburn and Lisa Weber
Whether you’re looking for a temporary job to pay for your adventures/gaming/bills or pursuing a way to make a living following your passion this funshop is for you. We’ll talk about finding jobs, filling out applications, translating the activities you’ve done into skills employees want, perfecting your résumé and more. Robyn Coburn will cover specifics regarding: “When Passion isn’t Enough: Making a living as a creative in the arts” – job hunting skills, finances, time management, avoiding burnout, and keeping the flame alive.
How to Argue Effectively/ Mock Debate
with Emily Smoot
Practice arguments! Find out why they’re important and how we argue our points in a direct manner. We’ll explore common fallacies and debate traps. Then we will choose from a range of fun and odd debate topics to implement what we discussed in a mock debate!
with David Fjeld
Memes intro: much memes. Very discussion. Such learn about. Wow.

Ever hear about something called “memes” and wondered “what exactly is a meme and why is it so cringy?” Maybe you want to learn about the spread of an idea or concept, also known as meme magic? Or maybe you just harass the person leading it and spam Roundabout? Whatever your reason, come check out this workshop, and learn about socially spreading concepts. Side effects include loss of brain cells.

Teen Sex Talk
Teens only
A sex-positive, nuts and bolts discussion covering a wide range of sexual health topics including consent, safer sex, birth control, and more. Participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Get your burning questions answered anonymously, practice putting a condom on a cucumber, or just watch, listen and learn. 


Dream Big!
with Renee Cabatic and Jenny Cyphers

Dream Big Funshop: for the teens and young adults (and maybe the grownups who still have big ideas).

What’s your biggest most aspirational idea EVER? How does anyone achieve it?

Looking at the top of the mountain, from base camp, feels daunting, if your goal is to get to the top. Looking at it from a different angle feels doable.

Practical and inspirational ways to find what you love and think about that dream. Think big thoughts and have big ideas. Don’t be afraid to do it. Come and inspire each other.


*As with all activities at LIFE is Good, there are no set-in-stone age requirements. But as a guideline, the Teen Scene activities are geared toward independent young people in the 13-22 year age range unless otherwise indicated.