The following is a list of  suggestions to help to make the conference a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


  • Do wear your name tags at all times and have your children do so as well.
  • Do put parent’s names, room number, cell phone #, etc on the back of your children’s name tags. If  your child is very young (under 5) consider writing the information in ink on their arms, or on masking tape on the back of their shirt.
  • Do keep connected with your children (stay near them, know where they are, go to them as soon as they need you, use cell phones, walkie talkies, have regular family check-in times, visit funshops together, share meals together, take breaks together, leave notes for one another, know where to find each other, have a central meet up spot for your family).
  • Do look into cheap basic cell phones for everyone in the family (eg T-Mobile and TRACfones are available at many local grocery and chain stores.)
  • Do supervise your children (trade off supervision with your partner and with friends, hire a teen, use the buddy system, even with older kids maintain regular contact, and spread the word and/or put up signs if you need extra help).
  • Do keep your family fed, hydrated, and at least somewhat rested (stock your room with lots of easy favorite foods, supply bite sized snacks to your family often throughout the day, gather at mealtimes so everyone eats lunch and dinner together, scope out nearby restaurants and take-out options, have a family sleep plan).
  • Do remember that we are guests of the hotel. Please treat the facility with care and follow their hotel policies. Leave each space in better condition than when you arrived.


  • Don’t forget that LIFE is Good  is a family event to be enjoyed with your children. (Children are welcome to join you in all Presentations and Discussions.)
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to someone new.
  • Don’t forget to smile and have fun!