Full and partial scholarships are available to cover the cost of the conference registration. We are making every effort to allow those with limited funds to attend. We do ask, though, that if you are applying for a scholarship, you agree to work.


  • Administrative duties (to be determined — according to our needs)
  • Sell ads for the handbook; $250 in ads will “cover” one Family Registration
  • Help during the conference weekend with set-up, staffing tables, clean up duty, etc.

A scholarship is an investment — you in the conference and the conference in you. It is a vote of confidence that you will attend on your scholarship and contribute in meaningful ways to the function of the conference. Because of drop out rates from previous years, LIFE is Good has elected this year to require a $50 Scholarship deposit when registering. This amount will be refunded in full after completion of your volunteer duties.

We also ask that even if you receive a scholarship, you support the hotel if at all possible—as that is what makes it possible for us to host it there.

If you are willing to help support the scholarship program, please go to the Scholarship Fund Donation section of our Conference Store and indicate the amount you would like to contribute! Thank you for your generosity! Scholarships are supported by donations and by the Raffle & Silent Auction.

Please submit the following information to apply for a scholarship. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

No scholarships will be given after March 15.

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