2016 Presenters


Erika Davis-Pitre

Erika Davis-Pitre and her husband Michael have 4 children – one daughter (37) and three sons (33, 31 & 24). They also have a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law and two grandsons(9 & 2). She splits her time between Northern California and Central Connecticut. They have been unschooling for many years and love it, so Erika is always looking for opportunities to share their unschooling joy with others.

Erika has spoken at many un/homeschooling conferences, led quite a few funshops/workshops and has hosted and participated in many round table discussions about unschooling all over the US and Canada. She especially enjoys talking about unschooling teens, sharing the joy of unschooling and celebrating diversity through unschooling. And she is a Artist Trading Card (ATC) fanatic-if you don’t know about ATCs please ask!



Shannon Loucks

Shannon Loucks is mama of two always unschooled boys, ages 12 and 14, married to a dream chasing race car driver. Hailing originally from Vancouver Island, now living in Santa Clara, CA. Fiercely protecting childhoods and always on the lookout for ways to love more. Writing words to help explain this journey of awesome that these two human beings she’s honored to call her children have taken her on. (



 Gillian Mayer

Gillian Mayer, her indie-music-lovin’ husband Craig, and their 2 miracles Effie (16) & Fergus (12), live in a forest on Vancouver Island. LiG 2016 will be the family’s 12th unschooling conference since Live & Learn 2006 Albuquerque exploded their tiny minds! Gillian has ridiculously curly hair, dances with abandon, and has many excuses for why her house usually looks like a cyclone just passed through. She has only performed in the Talent Show twice (slacker), but did a presentation with a rude title at LiG 2009. Gillian and Craig pieced themselves back together in a completely different form following their firstborn’s unabashedly spirited explosion into this life! They are forever grateful to both their children for the tenacious way they continue to pull their parents (sometimes kicking and screaming) to new heights of growth, insight, and ultimately, happiness!


Mary Lewis

Mary Lewis

20 years ago Mary Lewis set out on an epic journey to become a better, kinder Mom than previous models. With the unschooling philosophy as her guide, and many many hours reading at the old unschooling dot com, she charted a new course. The other members of her quest’s cast, her amazing husband Tim, her four fabulous children, her wonderful Son-in-Law and her three beautiful grandchildren, are forever grateful. She also enjoys spreading her wings and taking in all the broken people she meets, who she happily parents along with her own brood.

After years of moving with her family around the country Mary is now settled in the breathtaking Columbia Gorge. Mary’s ongoing mission: to pursue a life led by her favorite motto: “A trend toward improvement.” Mary loves improving her skills in many areas, but her main passions are singing, photography, tutoring math, and hanging out with babies.


Tiffany Sandoval

Tiffany Sandoval

Tiffany Sandoval is an unschooling mom of three life-long radically unschooled kids Jade (19) Dylan (13) and Logan (4) and a wife to one amazingly handsome Peter Pan. Tiffany & Jorge run three successful businesses in Irvine CA. She became a mom at 16yr and quickly grew up. She intended to traditionally homeschool until she heard Sandra Dodd and Pam Sorooshian talk and 1st heard about Unschooling. The family jumped in with both feet and it has been an amazing adventure. They have chosen to live their lives mindfully, in freedom and with much happiness. You can learn more about the Sandoval Family at:



Kirstin Eventyr

Kirstin Eventyr has been unschooling with her 11 and 12 year old daughters from the beginning. She has been in private practice as a therapist for the last 23 years and co-facilitates a two year program for health care practitioners. Her talk comes out of a years-long fascination with the brain both as a therapist and more recently out of an interest in how people do their best learning. And as it turns out unschooling is the way to go!

Panel and Funshop Presenters

download_20160516_110554_0Adam Dealan-de

Adam Dealan-de is a full time radical unschooling dad and part time Donald Trump impersonator/punching bag.

Adam is hosting the Learn Magic: The Gathering funshop.
14031039_1271735642846137_427779038_nRiley Abrahams

Riley is a solo parent to two super rad kids ages 9 &12, and together the three of them have been living the Unschooling life from the beginning. He grew up in the Pacific NW, and wouldn’t move away from the trees for anything. Riley self identifies as a weirdo, a dreamer, a friend, a healer, funny, dorky, fat (and really happy to embrace fat-ness and fat politics), queer, transgender, neurodivergent, and lives with chronic illness and bipolar. *Let’s break the stigma and talk about mental health* His passions include social justice, reading anything that sounds interesting, NETFLIX, advocating for those unable to advocate for themselves, chocolate, and snuggles.
This is Riley’s 7th LiG.

Riley is co-hosting the Beyond the Binary Discussion and GNC Parent Club.

13939350_10154471454178024_8437700329367293475_nJenny Caronna

Jenny Caronna is parent to 3 awesome misfits, ages 15-22, and a former PTA president (go ahead and laugh). Their passions are youth advocacy, nature, good TV, cocktails, spreading dorkiness, and being an audience for their kids’ music projects. The Caronnas left Long Beach, CA for Portland almost two years ago and are grateful to be living in Sasquatch country. This is Jenny’s first LiG.

Jenny is co-hosting the Beyond the Binary Discussion and GNC Parent Club.
leopardfamThe Leonard+Moss Family

Bonny, Sean, Orion and Peregrine have been unschooling since forever. It’s pretty fun. They like to do lots of things as a family, including geocaching, cosplaying, traveling, wildcrafting, tabletop gaming, LARPing, and watching Star Trek while eating popcorn with nutritional yeast and braggs and lots of butter while cuddling on the couch.

The Leonard+Moss Family are co-hosting the Monster Mashup funshop.

IMG_6643The Betts Family

The Betts hail from Walla Walla, WA. They love to travel and when not working, they usually are on the road looking for their next adventure. And when they are not traveling, they are working to pay for their next adventure. This is their 6th LIG conference. They always leave inspired and love being around a tribe that is respectful of children and choice. They are so grateful for this lifestyle and the friends that share the unschooling philosophy.

The Betts Family are co-hosting the Mom and Dad Makeovers funshop.

Larkin Hamilton & Emile Snyder

Larkin has been obsessed with Harry Potter since she can remember, and thinks her funshop will be a blast. She could always use more people to talk Harry Potter with, since she’s worn out her brother’s patience. Emile enjoys Harry Potter, but not as much as he enjoys seeing Larkin obsess over it.They are coming to LIG from Southern Oregon after a few years of missing the conference.

Larkin & Emile are co-hosting the Harry Potter Trivia Session funshop.

IMG_1081Shonna Morgan and Aliana & Viola Cerullo

Our family has been going to Jam Camp for 8 years, and we have so much fun singing in groups, and wish to share it with LIFE is Good! We’ve not missed a LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference yet, this will be our 10th!

Shonna, Aliana & Viola are co-hosting the Love to Sing! funshop.

13692555_10209927781701541_3583521763543598437_nI’m Kelly Francois – I’ve been an unschooling mom for about 4 years. We moved to Portland 2 years ago. I am a passionate advocate for car-free exploration of this amazing city and I’m excited to share a fun outing with other unschoolers!

Kelly is hosting the Trimet to Portland’s PSU Farmer’s Market funshop.

for useAidan Munoz

I’m a sixteen year old animator, filmmaker and prop creator. I like sweets, video games, Lego and a bunch of other random stuff :D

Aidan is hosting The Basics of Lego Animation and Making Foam Props funshops. 

12661904_10208270754147402_3809533182582377129_nCarolyn Groves Winkler

Carolyn Groves Winkler began her stage career at at 4 as the Duck in Peter and the Wolf. From that she progressed on to musicals, choirs, madrigal dinners, and marching band, where she played the cymbals. While working at summer camp in NC she learned to play guitar and harmonica, and enjoyed leading morning assemblies and campfires. She loves the saying “If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing.” Come sing along with her (it’s hard to dance while playing the guitar, but dancing is welcome too!) She has worn many hats in her life: camp counselor, teacher of English as a foreign language, ski bum, high school speech and debate coach, executive assistant, DJ, pizza delivery gal, youth librarian, musician, lifeguard, and hard cider event manager among them. In one of these jobs she learned to use a die cut machine and her world was forever changed.

Carolyn is hosting the Campfire Inspired Singalong and Make and Take Paperdolls funshops.

Bean Paulson 

Bean is a master crafter on so many fronts, and a fantastic maker of animal beds (and many other marvelous things).


MimMiriam Mason

Miriam Mason has two boys,14 and 17, and has been unschooling for the past 9 years. Her family fosters for a local shelter, and they have a zoo of their own at home. Sometimes as many as 18 cats and kittens live and love with us. Animals are important, they are therapy, and give her whole family far more than they ever take. Who can put a price on laughter? :)

Miriam is co-hosting the BARK, MEOW, MAKE BEDDING & DONATE FOOD FOR OREGON HUMANE SOCIETY funshop and the Unschooling with Chronic Illness/Pain discussion.

FB_IMG_1470371310979Claire Shawley & Mary King

Claire, 10, and Mary 41, like to create all kinds of things together from Lego to food to paper. Claire also likes to ride horses and play sports and Mary likes to sing and sew.

Claire and Mary are hosting the Paper Crafting funshop.

13672434_10209569168131089_716131287_nKristin Lake

“Kristin is a loving sweet-hearted mother of four. She is always nice to everyone and she’s very good at cutting strawberries. She takes us places we want to go and feeds us. She plays games with us and is a good winner/loser. She’s an all around very good person. She also works at pottery.” Cooper Lake, age 11

Kristin is hosting the Meet and Greet for Newbies funshop.

11048672_10206192854122246_6318350382917871519_nEmily Troper

Emily Troper, ECE, is the mother of four children (ranging from 11-24 years old), and a former preschool teacher. She co-facilitated the Connected Parenting intro class and support series in Portland for 9 years. Emily is a community advocate for respectful parenting, unschooling, and non-violent conflict resolution. She is primarily influenced by the work of Pam Leo, Alfie Kohn, Aletha Solter, and Larry J. Cohen.

Emily is co-hosting the Connected Parenting Discussion.

11086816_10204742012524134_858319257_oThe Cabatic Family

We are Renee, Chris, Xander and XuMei living and laughing in Corvallis, Oregon, USA! We enjoy eating marianberries and filberts, drinking craft kombucha, and riding horses in our sleep. We don’t know how to pump our own gas, and we don’t own an umbrella.

The Cabatics are co- hosting the Smash Brothers for WiiU Tournament funshop.

11039362_10204608408344113_1345419013_nThe Chapman-Knight Family

We are Kristal, Robin, Sam, Matt and Noah living an unschooled life on Vancouver Island , British Columbia. We enjoy drinking maple syrup, eating smoked salmon, saying ‘eh’ at the end of our sentences, playing hockey in our sleep and relaxing in our igloo.

The Chapman-Knights are co-hosting the Smash Brothers for WiiU Tournament funshop.

received_10210240622192654Paige Murphy, Maya Huck & Olivia Smith

Paige is a 14 year old who is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is really good at nail art. Maya is a 13 year old who loves Broadway musicals and plays the violin. Olivia is a 14 year old who bakes, draws, and loves hugs. All three have been acting for several years.

Paige, Maya, and Olivia are hosting the Improv Theatre Games funshop.

JocelynJocelyn Cooper

Jocelyn discovered homeschooling in 1993 when she saw a TV news segment about a family of 5 who bicycled together across the US and met all 50 governors. She was instantly hooked by the thought of having fun with her kids as they learned. After reading a preschool curriculum while she watched her then toddler daughter learn so much more and have more fun naturally, she ditched the curriculum and began her journey to unschooling. Jocelyn and her husband, Martin, have 3 always unschooled daughters ages 23, 19, and (in a week) 13.

Jocelyn is moderating the Teen/Parent Panel.

meSpramani Elaun
Designer + Mommy + unschooler + art teacher + art supplier turned author, and founder of Nature of Art For Kids®  Earth-friendly art supplies & art school. Spramani has home educated her daughter (17) and son (14) since birth. All live in San Diego, CA. Spramani is also the author of the first ever unschool visual art method book – Nurturing Children in The Visual Arts Naturally and author to several other art education books.

Spramani is hosting the   LIFE is Good Art Studio all weekend long.

MollyMolly Newman

Molly Newman is an unschooling mama of two teenage boys, a writer, and the Empress behind Quizzical Empire, Portland’s tiniest (but most fun) trivia empire. She’s been entertaining rowdy but well-informed crowds every Wednesday night at Mississippi Pizza for six years. She also teaches writing, archaeology, and other fun stuff at Village Home Education Research Center. You can find her dressed up as a pirate, a Viking, or a barbarian with her kids and her professional pirate sweetie on nearly any given weekend.

Molly is hosting Trivia by the Pool on Thursday evening.

20160522_144825Addy Abrahams

I am Addy Abrahams. I am 11, almost 12. And I love anime, and nerd culture! I want to be able to have everyone show their creativity!

Addy is hosting the Cosplay Extravaganza! funshop.

KristenKristen McKee

Kristen McKee is the mother of three freely educated children and the author of the recently published Nursery Rhymes for the Unconditional and Unschooled. She has found meditation to be an essential tool in creating a world different than the one she learned about in school and on TV.

Kristen is hosting the Children’s Storytime  and Finding Center Amidst Chaos: Meditation Practice for Unschoolers funshops.

KeatleyRenita Keatley & Olivia Smith

Renita is the organizer of things and Olivia spends at least a few hours each day drawing.

Renita & Olivia are hosting the Drawing Club funshop.


lisaLisa Weber

Lisa lives with her husband and 2 always unschooled boys (minus two very awful preschool years) in Northern Idaho. She started writing at 40 years old, working frantically while the baby napped. She’s an introvert who enjoys a good plot twist and lots of time to be in her head.

Lisa is hosting the Self-Publishing for Fun and Massive Profit funshop.

12391328_10206553640137635_849422092579718394_nMisty Murphy

Misty is a mom of 3, a long time unschooler, and a crafty  lover.

Misty is hosting the Drinking Cup Mania funshop.