2022 Presenters

Erika Davis-Pitre

Erika Davis-Pitre and her husband Michael have 4 children – one daughter (43) and three sons (39, 37 & 29). They also have two sons-in-law, two daughters-in-law and two grandsons(14 & 7).
She and her husband live in San Francisco and Erika is President of HSC, one of California’s largest homeschooling organizations. She also recently became the owner of GameSchoolCon, a games-of-all-kinds family conference that’s held in Southern California. Erika has spoken at many un/homeschooling conferences, led quite a few funshops/workshops and has hosted and participated in many round table discussions about unschooling all over the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. She especially enjoys talking about unschooling teens, sharing the joy of unschooling and celebrating diversity through unschooling. And she is a Artist Trading Card(ATC) fanatic-if you don’t know about ATCs please ask! 

Alan Eustace

Alan and his wife, Barbara, have 2 always unschooled children aged 13 and 11.
Originally from Ireland, now living in California, Alan is a Zen priest-in-training, has had a committed meditation practice for over 20 years and has taught mindfulness practices since 2005. He works as a coach, supporting groups and leaders to live more deeply and authentically.

Alan and Barbara’s family came to unschooling inspired in part by seeing friends living an unschooling life, and in part as a rejection of the educational options available to them. Having backgrounds in meditation, yoga and psychology (Barbara is a yoga teacher and applied psychologist), unschooling felt like the most congruent and full expression of how they wanted to live as a family, partnering with their children in their curiosity and supporting their innate trust in themselves.

It has been an ongoing unfoldment of learning and fun!

Molly Mulvaney

Molly Mulvaney is an unschooling mom of a 17 year old son. Since her son was a toddler she’s made it a priority to organize adventures with him and local kids of all ages in their home town of Cordova, Alaska. Professionally she’s been a commercial fisherman, DOT inspector, grant administrator, mediator, nanny, hair sparkler and small town attorney. Her true love is hanging out with and around kids. That love led to the opening of her family’s business, A Little Alaska which runs Adventure in Alaska – A Trip for Teens for small groups of unschooled and self directed teens based out of their home and bunkhouse in Cordova, Alaska.

Marjie Maier

Marjie/MJ Maier is a grown unschooler and mom to a 1 year old. Marjie, her husband Joe, and their son Quinn are Washington natives who now live in Austin, Texas. She is a former barista and current stay at home mom to child Quinn, pit bull Lucy, and cats Squeaky and Dumptruck.

Chrissie Korolsky

Passionate about unschooling and changing the world one family at a time, Chrissie shares her enthusiasm for unschooling with nearby friends and those around the globe. She makes her home in the shadow of Mt. Rainier just outside of Enumclaw, Washington. Chrissie is a fledgling kitchen witch who dabbles in home remedies for her amazing husband, Justin, and their fabulous kids, Michael (14) and Ben (13). In her spare time, she enjoys working with her husband to make their corner of the world a magical place.

Barbara Western

Barbara and Alan are parents to Milo, 13, and Evvy, 11. They have been an unschooling family for the last 13+ years, starting out in Dublin, Ireland and now continuing on this path in Oakland, California. Barbara is originally from Vancouver, BC where she was fortunate enough to know Shonna Morgan and family, who introduced her and Alan to the concept of unschooling. Barbara trained as a yoga practitioner in Ireland from 2001-2005 and has found that the principles and philosophies involved in yogic and Zen practices have blended seamlessly with her and Alan’s unschooling journey. In addition to yoga, Barbara has an MSc in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin and has spent several years as an Executive Committee member of the Psychological Society of Ireland’s Perinatal and Infant Mental Health group, specifically researching and advocating for supporting the mental health of children and their caregivers across the lifespan. Most importantly, Barbara, Alan, Milo and Evvy have travelled, learned and played together for many years and they have embraced and lived an unschooling life all along the way.


Panel, Discussion and Funshop Presenters


Kim Zerbe
Kim Zerbe is a mom to a 17yo always unschooled kid and lives in Hillsboro, Oregon where she runs a biannual consignment event business. She is an artist who traditionally studied architecture, graphic design, and fine arts, and unschooled herself in photography, web design, weaving, and many other forms of art. With a bag of fabric markers she is hosting the Color Your Conference T-Shirt funshop.
Kim is hosting the Color Your Conference T-Shirt funshop.


Damon Zerbe

Damon Zerbe is an always unschooled 17yo who has attended LIFE is Good since he was three. He loves hockey, philosophy, cats, and role playing games. He is excited to host a pair of funshops for D&D character building and playing a D&D game.
Damon is hosting the D&D Character Building and D&D One-shot Game funshops.

Mai Lon Brosseau

Mai Lon unschooled her kiddos for seven years, until they decided to go to school. Since then she’s spun cotton candy, tied hair ties, and studied the science of happiness.

Mai Lon is hosting the Happiness Tips funshop.


Fredrick-Amelliary Van Brink (He/They/She) 

Hello! I’m a 20yo ‘grown’ unschooler and I can truly say I’ve grown up at LiG seeing as I haven’t missed one yet. I define myself as being an artist and creator, working with a variety of crafts (visual arts, sewing, prop fabricating, bookbinding… the list is long.) and I’m excited to share the delights of slamming materials together to see what sticks. I’m also extremely passionate about storytelling and play, ask me about live action roleplaying games and the merits of playing pretend!

Fredrick-Amelliary is hosting the Making Art-dolls! funshop.

Leah Eads 

Leah Eads is a crafty mom with a past in graphic design who dabbles in paper arts, bookmaking, printing, handlettering, mending, gardening, and cooking. She is currently working toward a masters in Early Childhood Inclusive Education and helping with her spouse’s bonsai tree seedling business. She and her family have been enjoying LiG since 2014 and recently moved to a farm in Gales Creek after living in the Portland area for 14+ years.

Leah is hosting the Handlettering funshop.

Vivian Foronjy

Vivian is 13, loves Rick Riordon, painting, carving spoons out of wood and playing tag.

Vivian is hosting the Paranoia funshop.



Violet Foronjy

Violet is a 15 y/o self taught artist who likes to make friends.

Violet is hosting the Art Space funshop.



Carolyn Groves

Carolyn is a mom of two (almost) always unschooled daughters who are 20 and 16.5, and now both enrolled in college. They began attending the LIFE is Good conference in 2007 and have not missed one yet! They moved to Portland in 2008 to be a part of the awesome unschooling community here, and for the past 5 years, Carolyn has been working as a Realtor, licensed in Oregon, a job she absolutely loves!

Carolyn is co-hosting the Meet and Greet for Newbies funshop, hosting The Big D discussion, and moderating The Big Six Panel.

Carolyn Fein

Carolyn is mom to two amazing, always-unschooled teens, who live in Washington State on a little farm with lots of chickens and cows.  The unschooling journey has led their family to spend their time skiing and snowboarding, gaming, traveling, farming, and building and running businesses.

Carolyn is hosting the Morning Walk funshop.

Kristin Lake

Kristin Lake makes kickass pottery, toiletries/makeup bags, and purses. And awesome humans.

Kristin is co-hosting the Meet and Greet for Newbies funshop and hosting the Fairy Godparent Game.



Mary King

Mary King is a long time (18 years!) unschooling mom, currently living in Forest Grove, Oregon with her husband Charles, their four kids Victoria, Kalel, Kyle and Claire, and Mary’s mother, niece and nephew. Mary is graduating from Pacific University this spring with her Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy. When she isn’t chauffeuring kids to roller derby and wrestling school, she spends most of her time practicing instruments and learning new music.

Mary is hosting the MUSIC IS LIFE! funshop.

Leif Schmit (ze/they/she)

I’m a 23yo, Genderqueer, Unschooled, Theatre Professional (teaching at NW Children’s Theater), Multi-potentialite, and Self-directed Education facilitator (at the Village Free School). I try to face most things in life with curiosity, abolitionism, and transformative justice in mind. If I’ve learned anything from theatre, it’s that learning things through play with others is one of the best ways to make it stick. I have many hobbies and skills I’ve fallen in love with like Argentine Tango, Blues Dance, Ukulele, Pixel Art, Language Learning, and Mycology (the study of mushrooms!) over the years, but what I really care deeply about is making sure young people have the space and resources to cultivate their curiosity like I was able to so we can all get free from the oppressive systems that we are raised into. You are needed, and your needs are seeds.

Leif is hosting  How do u talk to mad/sad/scared people??? and the Grown Unschooler Circle,  as well as hosting the Talent Show.