A full set of the 2010 Presentations in mp3 format on CD or as a download. Includes 9 full length presentations plus the Teen Panel and Dads' Panel. 

Set includes: "This Beautiful Backwards Life" with Laura Flynn Endres "Reluctant Partners" with Danielle Conger (start of recording is clipped) "Rejecting Shame, Accepting Life" with Ronnie Maier "Pebbles in the Pond" with Gail and Broc Higgins "Dads' Panel" moderated by Frank Maier "No Fear Unschooling" with Pam & Rose Sorooshian "Having The Time to Choose" with Cameron Lovejoy "Teen Panel" moderated by Ronnie Maier "An Unschooler Goes to School" with Laura Flynn Endres "Worrying about Math?" with Pam Sorooshian "The Art of Building Relationships" with Clint Stonebraker (start of recording is clipped)


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