A full set of the 2011 Presentations in mp3 format on CD or as a download. Includes 8 full length presentations plus the Dads' Panel.


Set includes: "The Dark Ages - Unschooling Tweens" with Kelly Lovejoy "What's Good for the Goose" with Jeff & Ginger Sabo "No Rules-Sir ,Yes Sir" with Ben Lovejoy "Unschooling - It's a Mindset, not a Skillset" with Kelly Lovejoy (start of recording is clipped) "The Kids are Fine, You're the Problem" with Laura Flynn Endres "Through the Whirlwind of Change" with Ginger Sabo "Creative is a Verb" with Patti Digh "Dads' Panel" moderated by Frank Maier (start of recording is clipped) "Dad, Included" with Jeff Sabo


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