A full set of the 2014 Presentations in mp3 format on CD or as a download. Includes 8 presentations plus the Dads' Panel.


Set includes: “Supporting Your Child’s Interests” with Robin Bentley, “Misconceptions & Expectations About Unschooling” with Robyn Coburn, “Unschooling Creativity” with Robyn Coburn, “Fear (a presentation for new folks)” with Robyn Coburn, “Unschooling Topped With a Huge Helping of Happiness” with Jenny Cyphers, “Getting Away With It All Messed Up” with Shonna Morgan, “Some Days Are Hard” with Jenna Robertson, “Parenting with Compassion, Honesty, Respect, and Unconditional Love” with Jess Robertson, “Dads’ Panel” moderated by Frank Maier


Price: $25.00

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