Here’s your chance to bring a little joy and *magic* to someone’s weekend. Everyone who wants to participate will write his name down on a sheet of paper, only once, and place it into a bucket. After each person has done so, everyone who placed his name into the bucket reaches in and pulls out a name that isn’t his own. Now once you have that name you MUST remember it. You can keep it in your pocket if need be. If you don’t know who this person is, ask people you DO know to find out. But do it stealthily! Once you know your Fairy God Child you can do anything you want for him as long as it’s kind and makes him feel good inside. You can make signs to hang in public places that say how wonderful he is, give him a random hug “just for the fun of it”, ask someone to play or sing a song for him, write him a letter, make some kind of special food for him, or have a group of people hug attack him. Whatever you do make sure you do it without his knowing it’s you—and be creative!! And at the end of the week you can choose to tell your Fairy God Child who you are or have him wonder forever.

And, please, if you put your name into the bucket and draw one, please participate. No one wants to be neglected by their Fairy Godparent!