“This is truly an unschooling conference – there are no “experts” lecturing, and no “curriculum” or “educational” items being feverishly pitched. Families are the experts and fun is the name of the game – every activity is for the whole family, children are the feature of the event and everything is open to them…It is a pretty cool feeling just to be surrounded by families of all ages who live unschooling every day, and totally get your life without you having to explain a thing! Being part of this conference has been life changing for our family.” -Gillian

“Thank you so much for giving us all a chance to meet people from all across the world. I have made so many friends here, and have experienced so much. I started going when I was 9 years old and have almost always felt incredibly comfortable at the conference. I met my best friend here, I met my boyfriend here, so many amazing experiences, and I’m so glad to have been able to be a part of it.”  -Guinevere

“Thank you for … putting together such a lovely conference that supports our kids and families, rather than stokes sales of curricula companies and anxieties that we have as parents (especially those of us that have trust issues when it comes to this unschooling lifestyle we’ve chosen when keeping our kids home.)” -Whit

“I just wanted to let you know that the conference you’ve held over the years has been the best moments of my life. I’ve made life long friends that I couldn’t imagine life without. My girlfriend and I met 3-4 years ago at LIG and she’s the love of my life. I would never have met any of those amazing people without you, the staff and the conference. Thank you, thank you for all the amazing memories, all the fun times, all the crazy shit that happened there.” -Alex

” We as a family appreciate this conference so much for everything it has brought us. Amazing lifelong friends, my kids best friend, amazing resources, not to mention all the fantastic road trips we experienced getting to it over the years.” -Rachael

” I credit LIG for my success with unschooling. I don’t think I could have done it without this wonderful conference.” – Kristin

“We have been attending since 2013 and I can honestly say I never would have had the bravery to follow through with unschooling without this amazing conference and community you have built. Even though we’ve rarely had the opportunity to speak (conference being a wee bit intense with littles in tow) I wanted you to know what a huge impact you and LIG has had in our lives. At least once a week my kids ask “how long until conference?” And we’ve always had a fantastic time.” -Summer

“Since our first LiG just two short years ago, we have made the best friends, and attended deeply enriching talks, and felt so lucky to be welcomed into such a rich and loving community. Even though we’d been unschooling for 13 years already, LiG was the first time we felt completely safe and supported in our journey; the first time we felt like we truly belonged somewhere.” -Emily

“LiG was our first experience with the community at large and it has given each one in our family so much. Perspective…Knowledge…Friends…Acceptance and permission to be who we really are. I think this has really changed the entire course of all of our lives in the best way. PS….of all we attend, and it has been many these last several years, LiG has been my favorite conference. ♥️” -Mia

“I signed up for our first conference in 2008 as gesture to my husband that I was willing to give unschooling a try. I’d have to say that after the conference I was able to shed my preconceived notions of what homeschooling looked like. Before the conference, I worried about being isolated and straining my relationship with my daughter with lessons and school work. Well go figure, there was no reason to fret! I am thankful for the annual reminders (keep my control issues in check, and got problems…well it’s not the unschooling). I’m also thankful for the thriving unschooling community that you helped create.♥️♥️♥️” -Renita