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12--2   Registration          
2:45-3:00  Opening Remarks            
3--4 Sandra Dodd Connections            
4--5   Meet & Greet for Newbies with Carolyn Winkler & Ronnie Maier Cooperative Games and Stories Magic: The Gathering Paper Folding Fun Gilmore Girls for Everyone
5--7   DINNER BREAK        
7--8:30 Film Festival Fairy Godparents sign-up Recovery Circle     Mini-Minecon          (Computer Room)  
8:30--10 Family Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off            
9--10     Daily Morning Yoga        
10--11 Carolyn Winkler Lessons Learned… Unschooling Diversity with Erika Davis-Pitre Vocal Music of Eight Centuries The Passion Trading Post Flag Lady Funshop Beyond Google: Super Hero Search Strategies (Computer Room) Balloon Twisting Jam
11--12 Lyla Wolfenstein    The Only Parenting Mistake Anyone Ever Makes Little Big Video Gaming Chat with Heather Burditt & Renee Cabatic Nonstop Awesomeness: How to Look, Feel & BE Healthy As You Travel My Little Pony (FIM) Brony Mixer Cards For a Cause    
12--2   LUNCH BREAK        
2--3 Sandra Dodd      Food at an Unschooling Table Unhelpful Inner Dialogue with Lyla Wolfenstein & Miriam Mason Power Rangers Meet-up Bunco Meet & Greet Artist Trading Cards Awesome 80's Dance Party
3--4 Christine Yablonski & Kimi Biegler   Gilmore Girls in Real Life… SSUDS Don't Be Shy! Stitch & Cheerfully Converse A Picture's Worth a 1000 Words, 100 Equations or 10 Shapes Nerf Gun Battle in the Park (outside at Esther Short Park)  
4--5 Erika Davis-Pitre Sharing the Joy of Unschooling! SSUDS Ukelele Fun Legos, Legos, Legos Drawing Dragons    
5--7   DINNER BREAK        
7--10 Talent Show            
9--10     Daily Morning Yoga        
10--11 Amy Steinberg     The F Words: Fun, Freedom and Faith Introverts Unite! With Jenna Robertson Playing With Stories Letter Writing for Children & Adults Monster High School's Out Group    
11--12 Christine Yablonski Love Lessons Learned… Unschooling Your Teens with Erika Davis-Pitre Join the Circus For a Day Find a Family Match-Up Seed Swap   Unschooling Hula Hoop Party
12--2   LUNCH BREAK        
12:45                                                   Masquerade Parade - Meet in the Heritage Lobby
2--3 Jeff Sabo              In Defense of Unschooling Puberty, Sexuality & the Teen Years with Gillian Mayer Language Play for Unschoolers All Things Pokemon Hair Wraps! All Ages Soccer Game (outside at Esther Short Park)  
3--4 Unschooling Moms Q&A Outside Activities & Your Unschooling Life with Bret Winkler Acting Out with Amy! Yu-Gi-Oh! Wings, Wings, Wings!   Carnival, the ACE Way
4--5 Unschooling Moms Q&A Television 101 with Tamra Orr Travel Hacking: See the World for a Fraction of the Cost Let's Play Games Sewing A Button Twitter Users Meet-up (Computer Room)  
5--7   DINNER BREAK        
7--8:00 set up for Prom            
8:00--12 Better-Than-Prom Extravaganza!            
9--10     Daily Morning Yoga        
10--11 Sandra Dodd  Balance          
11--12 Dads' Panel hosted by Frank Maier How To Say Yes When Your Funds Are Low with Miryam B'Shalom & Jenna Robertson Burping! Munchkin Rocks! Ollivander's Wand Shop Minecraft Funshop (Computer Room) TheaterSportz
12--2   LUNCH BREAK        
2--3 Ronnie Maier  Leveling Up: Advancing Your Unschooling The Kid's Got Spirit with Gillian Mayer Riotous Reading Funshop Kidz Trivia Game Mom & Dad Makeovers    
3:00 Closing Remarks            
5--7   DINNER BREAK        
7--10 Family Concert with Amy Steinberg            
Noon Picnic at Esther Short Park