Columbia River Ballroom Funshop Room 1 Funshop Room 2  Art Studio  Atrium, Games Room
& Teen Room
Room of Requirement
  Presentations & Panels Discussions & Funshops Funshops Funshops Funshops & more  Whatever…
12--2 Registration          
2:45-3:00 Opening Remarks          
3--4 Jeff Sabo
Ten Things I Learned – a Father’s Journey 
Hack The Room – Escape Room for 6-8yo   The Art Studio is open! Come check it out.   Play with Ballet!
4--5 Rob Endres
Money Management for Unschooling Families
Meet & Greet for Newbies   Making Paper Boxes, Origami-Style   Slating and Auditioning 
5--6   Fairy Godparents
    Get-Teen to Know You
(in the Teen Scene Room)
5--7   DINNER BREAK      
7--11 John Hughes Film Festival Ultimate Tag!    
Games, Games, GAMES!
(in the Games Room)
Magic: the Gathering Commander Tournament 
11--??   Teen Sex Talk       
7:30 Meet in the lobby for the Rise & Shine Morning Walk & Learn to Run Funshop! 
10--11 Rachelle McCloud
Body, Brain, and Mind:  supporting mental health
Sex, Drugs, & Drinking - A Discussion for Parents hosted by 
Kelly Lovejoy
Upcycle Your Old Clothes   Ice Breakers and Improv Games
Just for Tweens 
11--12 Kelly Lovejoy
Pulling your Child out of School—What to Expect
Rebel Revolt Escape Room Clay Modeling with Spramani   Introverted Teen
12--2   LUNCH BREAK      
2--3 Teen/Young Adult Panel
Moderated by 
Ronnie Maier
Unschooling in BIG Families hosted by Rachelle McCloud 24 HOUR FILM CHALLENGE Part 1:  movie making Altered Puzzles  Cosplay Café
(in the Atrium)
Unschooling an Only
hosted by
Kim Zerbe
3--4 Erika Davis-Pitre Talking About Race and Racism                 Presentation Ultimate Tag! Create a Paper Circuit      
4--5 with moderated discussion to follow   Sticker Making    
5--7   DINNER BREAK      
6--8   Untrepreneurial Fair      
7--10 Talent Show          
10--11 The Big Six           Panel          Unschoolers’ Mental Health Talk: Guided Discussion and  Setting up a Raspberry Pi     Full Time Parent, Part Time Business Owner
11--12 Moderated by        Genna McLeod & Frank Maier Support
hosted by 
Rachelle McCloud
Mysticism and Minerals Brush Stroke Demo with Spramani Instant Pot: the easy way to cook
(in the Atrium)
12--2   LUNCH BREAK      
1:00     SSUMs More      
2--3 Kelly Lovejoy
But What About College?
Jazz Tech, Stretch and Strength 24 HOUR FILM CHALLENGE Part 2:   movie screening  ATC-Artist Trading Cards   Self Defense:
Part 1
3--4 Laura Flynn-Endres
Get Shit Done: Less Thinking, More Doing 
SSUDS  "Unschoolers in the Wild: Living Their Lives; Learning” ATC-Artist Trading Cards   Self Defense:
Part 2
4--5 Erika Davis-Pitre
Sharing the Joy of Unschooling!
SSUDS Earthquakes and Shakes LeatherCraft & Stamping Handling Harassment for Teens
(in the teen room)
Neurodiversity & Unschooling
hosted by
Dana Maya
5--7   DINNER BREAK      
6--8   Untrepreneurial Fair        
7--8 Set up for prom       GROUP PHOTO IN THE ATRIUM!  
8--12 Better-than-Prom Extravaganza!        
7:30 Meet in the lobby for the Rise & Shine Morning Walk & Learn to Run Funshop! 
10--11 Dads’ Panel - Moderated by 
Frank Maier
Making a Living
as an Artist

hosted by 
Leif Schmit
Writer’s Round Table with a Focus on Unschooled Characters     Introduction to Emotional Acupressure
11--12 Ronnie Maier
Shared Labors: The work of unschooling
Helping Friends Through Hard Times hosted by Rachelle McCloud & Cyndi Connolly Create A Fantasy Documentary! Make a Masquerade Mask   Unschooling & College
hosted by
Nola Aycock 
12--2   LUNCH BREAK      
2--3 Erika Davis-Pitre, Laura Flynn Endres & Kelly Lovejoy
The View – Unschooling edition
Improv Games Haiku You Alcohol Ink Gender and Sexuality:
Queer Queries

hosted by T
eo Cináed
(in the Teen Room)
The Big D
hosted by
Carolyn Groves
3:00 Closing Remarks          
3:15--7   FREE TIME      
7--10 Ultimate Tag!          
Noon Picnic at the Park