Fort Vancouver Ballroom Funshop Room 1 Funshop Room 2  Art Studio  Alcove Room of Requirement   Computer/Games Room
  Presentations & Panels Funshops & more Funshops & more Funshops & more Funshops & more Funshops & more
12--2 Registration/Check-in          
2:45-3:00 Opening Remarks          
3--4 Carolyn Groves                 A Baker’s Dozen — 13 years of LIFE is Good Ultimate Tag! Pokémon Go Meetup The Art Studio is open! Come check it out. Ponies, Dolls and Pretend Play  
4--5 Renée Cabatic                 What Are You Afraid Of? Improv Games Meet & Greet for Newbies     Tabletop Games 
5--6   Get-Teen to Know You Icebreaker Games SSUMs    
5--7   DINNER BREAK      
6:30-6:50   Evening Tapping (EFT)        
7:00-?? Family Fun Night! Playground Games  Fairy Godparents sign-up            &                                         PopUp 5-7-5 LiG HAIKU 4U  ATC-Artist Trading Cards Campfire Singalong (in Room of Req.) & ||Camp FIRESIDE|| (in the Teen Room) games, Games, GAMES! The Games Room is open! Come check it out.
Friday          (in the Games Room)  
      COSPLAY  DAY!    
7:45 Meet in the lobby for the Good Morning Get Up and Move it! Run/Walk Funshop! 
8-8:20   Morning Tapping (EFT)        
10--11 Rachelle McCloud Emotional Wounds: How they affect your children and your parenting… The Big D  Pokémon Meetup  ATC-Artist Trading Cards Ultimate Tag! OUTSIDE  
11--12 Renée Cabatic Unschoolers Attend College hosted by
Carolyn Groves                
ATC-Artist Trading Cards   3D Printing
12--2   LUNCH BREAK      
2--3 Roya Dedeaux          Protect their Passion - part one Theatrical Dance Workshop  Clothing Swap!   Turning Unschooling Worries     
3--4 Erika Davis-Pitre           Talking About Race and Racism Mytho-magical PJO Party    Clothing Swap!   Into Unschooling Magic (1)  
4--5 Presentation with moderated discussion to follow Simple Self Defense Upcycle Your Textiles  
5--7   DINNER BREAK      
6--8   Untrepreneurial Fair                
6:30-6:50   Evening Tapping (EFT)        
7--10 Talent Show          
11-??     Let's Talk About Sex        (teens only)                     
8-8:20   Morning Tapping (EFT)        
9-10 Marieke van Der Graaf Avoid the 9-5 job: how to launch your business in 30 days       Turning Unschooling Worries  
10--11 Kiera Cook            Unschooling Stories D&D Character Building  Unschoolers’ Mental Health Talk: Guided Discussion and Support DIY Bead-making Into Unschooling Magic (2)  
11--12 Lucretia Holcomb         How Unschooling Prepared Me for the Death of my Husband Circus Skills hosted by      Rachelle McCloud    
12--2   LUNCH BREAK      
1:00     SSUMs More      
2--3 Roya Dedeaux            Protect their Passion - part two SSUDS Welcome To ... International Tabletop Day Friendship Bracelet Making! Build with cups!  
3--4 Erika Davis-Pitre Unschooling Your Teens-Is it what you expected? SSUDS Community Unschooling Resources                              hosted by Rachel Munzig & Karl Keefer   Fabric Painting: Customize your clothes! Unschooling in BIG Families               hosted by             Rachelle McCloud  
4--5 Carolyn Groves           The Best Unschooling Books…That Aren’t Actually About Unschooling Smash Bros Ultimate Meetup  Fairy Hair  Disc Golf OUTSIDE!  
5--7   DINNER BREAK      
6--8     Untrepreneurial Fair    
6:30-6:50   Evening Tapping (EFT)        
7--8 Set up for prom        
8--12 Better-than-Prom Extravaganza!          
7:45 Meet in the lobby for the Good Morning Get Up and Move it! Run/Walk Funshop! 
8-8:20   Morning Tapping (EFT)        
10--11 The Big Six Panel            Photography!      
11--12 Moderated by         Carolyn Groves Freeze Tag!  Finding and Getting a “Real” Job         hosted by           Kevin Tucker    
12--2   LUNCH BREAK      
2--3 Matt Cook
Deciding to Unschool: A Dad’s Perspective 
Happiness  “Come and Take It”: a D&D Mini-Campaign    Turning Unschooling Worries Into Unschooling Magic (3)       
3:00 Closing Remarks          
3:15--7   FREE TIME      
6:30-6:50   Evening Tapping (EFT)        
7--10 Ultimate Tag!          
Noon Picnic at Esther Short Park