A full set of the 2009 Presentations in mp3 format on CD or as a download. Includes 8 full length presentations. 

Set includes: "Perfect Imperfection: Embracing our Beautiful Messes" with Ren Allen, "Unschooling Teens -- or RATS in the House" with Ronnie Maier, "Education From the Free Eyes" with Kevin Snavley, "If You Give a Kid a Cookie..." with David Waynforth, "The Wonderful World of Television" with Schuyler Waynforth, "The Sun Shines Out of Our Behinds" with Gillian Mayer, "The Best of Both Worlds: Bridging the Gap Between Work and Home the Unschooling Way" with Jeff Sabo and the Teen Panel-moderated by Ronnie Maier.


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