A full set of the 2012 Presentations in mp3 format on CD or as a download. Includes 11 presentations plus the Dads' Panel and Moms' Q&A. (The start of a few of the talks got clipped off when recording.)


Set includes: "Connections" with Sandra Dodd "Balance" with Sandra Dodd "Food at an Unschooling Table" with Sandra Dodd "Sharing the Joy of Unschooling!" with Erika Davis-Pitre "In Defense of Unschooling" with Jeff Sabo "Love Lessons Learned: Unschooling my Marriage" with Christine Yablonksi "Gilmore Girls in Real Life: the Mother-Daughter Relationship as Unschoolers" with Christine Yablonski & Kimi Biegler "The Only Parenting Mistake Anyone Ever Makes" with Lyla Wolfenstein "Leveling Up: Advancing your unschooling (and having fun doing it)" with Ronnie Maier "Lessons Learned, or, All the Things I wish I’d Been Told Before We Started (and a Few Things I’m Grateful People Warned Us About)" with Carolyn Winkler "The F Words: Fun, Freedom and Faith" with Amy Steinberg "Dads’ Panel" moderated by Frank Maier "Unschooling Moms Q&A" moderated by Erika Davis-Pitre


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