Evening Events

Thursday – Family Concert!

We are proud to announce that Thursday’s opening night special event will be a concert just for us by the mesmerizing Rich McCloud and his band! Rich, his wife Rachelle, and their five children are longtime members of the LIFE is community.
Rich McCloud’s music is both transcendent and deep. He brings together influences from Bob Marley, Tupac, John Legend, Ritchie Havens, Wyclef and Nina Simone to create his own unique rich and vibrant sound that combines soul, pop, blues-rock, folk, poetry and a fiery spirit. He gives a powerful and brilliant performance that brings inspiration to listeners across the world, and now us right here. Once you witness him perform, you’ll remember him forever! It’s that good, and good is what Rich McCloud is all about!

Friday – Talent Show

On Friday night we will be hosting the famous LiG Talent Show for all interested conference attendees. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just something you’d like to share with our audience. Musicians, singers, poets, dancers, avant garde acts of all kinds and ages … we support everyone in the Talent Show. We will have a microphone, keyboard, CD player and hook ups for digital music players available. Please sign up on Thursday or Friday. Acts should be limited to 3 minutes so we can fit everyone in who wants to perform. Hosted by our fabulous in-house emcee, Leif Schmit.

 Saturday – Better-than-Prom Extravaganza

If it’s Saturday night, then it must be time for the Better-than-Prom Extravaganza! BTPE is a dance tailored for teens (but all ages are welcome). Make the most of this un-prom opportunity: bring a date, wear fancy clothes or crazy costumes, rent a limo, go out to dinner, and so on.

The party kicks off with a chance for you to show off your finery in the Better-than-Prom Fashion Show. Then we’ll fire up the Better-than-Prom Playlist and dance until we drop (or until midnight, whichever comes first).

Note: We will be playing only family friendly music from 8:00-9:00. After 9:00 the Better-than-Prom Playlist will contain uncensored favorite songs chosen by teen unschoolers.

Sunday – Ultimate Tag!

Do you want to play tag but don’t want to go outside? Then this is for you. Stick around through Sunday night and join us as we clear the main ballroom for the world’s largest indoor Ultimate Tag game!*

(*This claim has not been verified. There might be a larger game somewhere. But it will be a great time nonetheless.)